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The Flying Graysons were an acrobatic troupe part of Haly's Circus. The members of the group were originally the Grayson family, including Dick Grayson. After his parents were murdered by Tony Zucco, the troupe was disbanded, with Dick joining Batman's crusade as Robin, the Boy Wonder.


The Flying Graysons were once the star attraction of Haly's Circus. Consisting of members of the Grayson family, they would perform incredible trapeze stunts without safety nets or precautions. By the early years of Batman's career, the troupe consisted of three members: John, Mary, and their son Dick.

Whilst performing in Gotham City, Tony Zucco decided to sabotage their act to get the owner, Mr. Haly, to pay him protection money. Burning the ropes with acid, John and Mary Grayson plummeted to their deaths when they finally snapped. Rather than be taken into social services, Grayson was fostered by Bruce Wayne as his ward, later joining his crusade as Robin to avenge his parents' deaths. After he left the circus, the Flying Graysons troupe was disbanded.

In Detective Comics #484, another family of acrobats called the Grays had begun performing of Haly's Circus. Hoping to replicate the success, Haly gave them permission to "the Flying Graysons" title. However, one of the members, Dirk Greystone, sabotaged their acts, hoping the bad publicity would convince Haly to sell him the Circus. However, Robin foiled his schemes and arrested him. Following Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Graysons were never reformed after John and Mary's deaths.

Black Lantern Flying Graysons 001

The Flying Graysons as Black Lanterns

During Blackest Night, both John and Mary are resurrected as Black Lanterns. The two battle their son, now Batman, Red Robin and Robin in the pages of Blackest Night: Batman. They return to the dead after Nekron's defeat.

During Batman: Court of Owls, Bruce and Dick discover that the titular group had kidnapped members of the latter's family over the generations. It is suggested they may have planned to kidnap Grayson and induct him into the Talons, with implications they had a hand in organizing the murder of the Flying Graysons. However, Bruce had taken custody of Dick before such actions could occur, inadvertently foiling their plans.


Other Versions[]

In Other Media[]


Batman Forever[]

Flying Graysons

The Flying Graysons in Batman Forever

The Flying Graysons appear in Batman Forever. The film depicts Two-Face being responsible for their deaths. In addition to the three regulars, the series adds four member Mitch Grayson (played by and named after Robin stunt double Mitch Gaylord).


The Flying Graysons appears in the first season episode "The Blind Fortune Teller". The family are depicted to be in a generations long rivalry with Mary's family, the Lloyds. John is played by Rob Gorrie and Mary by Abbi Snee.


The Flying Graysons appear in flashbacks in the first season, once again depicting Dick's origin. John Grayson is played by Randolf Hobbs whilst Mary is played by April Brown Chodkowski.


Batman: The Animated Series[]

Flying Graysons (DCAU)

The Flying Graysons in Batman: The Animated Series

The Flying Graysons appear in the the first part of "Robin's Reckoning", the episode detailing Dick Grayson / Robin's origin. Thomas F. Wilson and Diane Pershing voice John and Mary, respectively, though neither are credited.

The Batman (series)[]

The Flying Graysons also appear in the fourth season's opening episode "A Matter of Family", which also retells Robin's origin. John is voiced by Kevin Conroy whilst Mary is voiced by Grey DeLisle.

Video Games[]

Batman: Arkham Series[]

Posters for the Flying Graysons are seen in the Amusement Mile in Batman: Arkham City. Scanning it solves one of the Riddler Challenges and unlocks a story about Dick Grayson / Nightwing. In Batman: Arkham Knight, Grayson recalls one of their shows to Penguin, distracting him long enough for Batman to subdue him.