The Flying Graysons (left to right): Mitch, Dick, Mary, and John.

The Flying Graysons were the acrobats John, Mary, Mitch, and Dick Grayson. They were a family of traveling acrobats who performed a trapeze act in a circus.


The Flying Graysons were performing at the Hippodrome for the Gotham City Charity Circus. That night all but Dick perished in an attempt to stop a bomb that was planted by Two-Face. Due to Dick's entire family being killed, he was welcomed under the legal custody of Bruce Wayne, who felt guilty for not being able to save Dick's family. Batman was able to avenge Dick's family by tricking Two-Face into falling to a watery grave several feet above a large containment of water and sharp stalagmites, which greatly satisfied Dick. Dick went on and became Batman's sidekick, and adopted the alias, Robin.

Behind the Scenes

  • Dick's parents were never identified by name in the film. However, John and Mary were their usual names in comics.
  • Dick's mother could be heard calling Dick's older brother, Mitch.



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