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Batman (1989) - Footlight Frenzy

Footlight Frenzy was a film that was released before the murders of the Waynes.


Bruce Wayne saw Footlight Frenzy at the Monarch Theatre with his parents on the night that they were murdered by Jack Napier.

A poster for the movie was displayed outside the Monarch Theatre around the day that Bruce returned to lay roses at his parents' death site, and the Joker killed Vinnie Ricorso. If one looked closely, it could be seen in the background while Harold, his wife, and Jimmy visited Gotham City.

Film Specs[]

Poster Art: Evoked German expressionism in shades of gray, and featured a woman with long fingernails, brunette hair, a devil locks hairstyle, a black leotard, and fishnet stockings. She stood on a stairway, surrounded by slanted buildings in a metropolitan setting.

Genre: Musical
Tagline: The Musical Sensation
Director: Ron House
Music: Diz White
Costumes: Alan Shearman

Behind the Scenes[]

  • In real life, a movie with the title Footlight Frenzy was released in 1984. Warner Bros. received permission to use its title, which was all they shared. The real life Footlight Frenzy was partially a farce of stage plays. The poster for the version that was seen in the film seemed to indicate a lavish musical production along the basis of pre-1950s musicals, that was akin to real life, and was similarly titled, Footlight Stampede.
  • In Batman Forever, Footlight Frenzy was not mentioned during Bruce's flashbacks. In a deleted scene, Bruce read a passage in the Red Leather Book that read "Martha and I have our hearts set on "Zorro", so Bruce's cartoon will have to wait". That was designed to prove to Bruce that his parents' deaths were not his fault.


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