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Frank Miller scripted and illustrated the highly acclaimed 1986 Dark Knight[1][2] series, set in a possible near-future. A couple years later he wrote the equally successful prequel, Batman: Year One, which was first published in the original monthly Batman series and allowed to exist in mainstream continuity.

Many years later he was continually invited back by DC to expand his 'Dark Knight' universe with The Dark Knight Strikes Again, All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder, and Dark Knight III: The Master Race.




The Dark Knight characters

Year One characters



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  2. Howe, Sean (August 20, 2014). "After His Public Donwfall, Sin City's Frank Miller Is Back (And Not Sorry)", "That anxiety would fuel Miller's Dark Knight, which reimagined Batman as an embittered, bristle-haired 55-year-old ready for punks to make his day. Published in 1986, the year Miller and Varley married, it became a pop culture phenomenon, garnering lavish coverage from Rolling Stone and Spin. Reviewers and readers were particularly drawn to the dark reinterpretation of its campy source material. Along with Alan Moore's Watchmen, released the same year, Dark Knight gave comics a new respectability and gave the medium exposure beyond the dingy confines of news-stands and specialty stores." 

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