Freddy Touché aka the Fence is a villain in the Batman TV series. He was played by Jacques Bergerac.


Freddy owns a fencing studio called French Freddy's Fencing Academy in Gotham City. He is a well-known fencer and sometimes uses his fencing mask to strain spaghetti. However this in only a cover up as he is also secretly a criminal who has teamed up with female felonies such as Catwoman and Minerva.

Known Associates

Freddy never goes alone in crime without his associates.

  • Catwoman - Freddy teamed up with because Catwoman gave him "bad luck" cats-eye opals (which were fake).
  • Penn, Cornell, and Brown (portrayed by Sheldon Allman, Paul Mantee, and Paul Picerni) - Catwoman and Freddy's henchmen.
  • Minerva - Freddy teamed up with her because Minerva would give him the world's largest diamonds but sang like a canary to Commissioner Gordon and Chief O'Hara.
  • Adonis, Apollo, and Atlas (portrayed by William Smith, Mark Baily, and Al Ferrara) - Minerva and Freddy's henchmen.
  • Aphrodite (portrayed by Yvonne Arnett) - Minerva and Freddy's female assistant.
  • Henchman #1 (portrayed by Charlie Picerni) - Minerva and Freddy's henchmen.
  • Henchman #2 (portrayed by Glenn R. Wilder) - Minerva and Freddy's henchmen.
  • Prêt, Passé, and Flèche (portrayed by ??????? ????, ???? ??????, and ?????? ???????) - Freddy's henchmen.
  • Croisé (portrayed by Corinne Calvet) - Freddy's female assistant.


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