Freddy Touche aka the Fence is a villain in the Batman TV series. He was played by Jacques Bergerac.


Freddy owns a fencing studio called French Freddy's Fencing Academy in Gotham City. He is a well-known fencer and sometimes uses his fencing mask to strain spaghetti. He teamed up with female felonies such as Catwoman and Minerva.

Known AssociatesEdit

Freddy never goes alone in crime without his associates.

  • Catwoman - Freddy teamed up with because Catwoman gave him "bad luck" cats-eye opals (which were fake).
  • Penn, Cornell, and Brown (portrayed by Sheldon Allman, Paul Mantee, and Paul Picerni) - Catwoman and Freddy's henchmen.
  • Minerva - Freddy teamed up with her because Minerva would give him the world's largest diamonds but sang like a canary to Commissioner Gordon and Chief O'Hara.
  • Adonis, Apollo, and Atlas (portrayed by William Smith, Mark Baily, and Al Ferrara) - Minerva and Freddy's henchmen.
  • Aphrodite (portrayed by Yvonne Arnett) - Minerva and Freddy's female assistant.
  • Henchman #1 (portrayed by Charlie Picerni) - Minerva and Freddy's henchmen.
  • Henchman #2 (portrayed by Glenn R. Wilder) - Minerva and Freddy's henchmen.
  • Prêt, Passé, and Flèche (portrayed by ??????? ????, ???? ??????, and ?????? ???????) - Freddy's henchmen.
  • Croisé (portrayed by Corinne Calvet) - Freddy's female assistant.


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