The Freezemobile was a custom vehicle that was owned by Mr. Freeze.



The Freezemobile was equipped with various weapons and gadgets that were built into its chassis. The main weapon was a Freeze Gun that was similar to Mr. Freeze's handheld weapon that could fire an energy beam that was capable of encasing objects in solid ice, however, it was far more powerful than the handheld weapon. The ice-sickle like spikes on the front of the vehicle were actually missiles that could be fired in a barrage. The final weapon that was seen was a large rocket that could be launched from the back of the vehicle. That rocket was actually a missile that would fly into the air on the edge of the atmosphere then drop back down, detonate (presumably), and destroy a large city, like Gotham City. However the rocket's destructive capability was never fully tested as Batman and Robin destroyed the rocket before it could exit the atmosphere.


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