Fright first appeared as Linda Friitawa, a scientist in the employ of the Penguin, assisting the Scarecrow in his experiments to refine his fear-inducing chemicals. Friitawa worked for the Penguin because she had lost her medical license. An albino, Friitawa slept through the day and worked all night assisting the Scarecrow. In contrast to the Penguin, who constantly harangued and bullied the Scarecrow, Friitawa showed him kindness.

Soon, a gigantic creature dubbed the "Scarebeast" began killing off the Penguin's underlings. Although the creature exhaled fear-inducing toxin and resembled the Scarecrow's costume, Friitawa believed the Scarecrow when he claimed he had nothing to do with the creature

Batman defeated the creature and discovered that it was, in fact, the Scarecrow. Unbeknownst to the Scarecrow, the Penguin had hired Friitawa, a geneticist who lost her license for unauthorized experiments on human beings, to alter the Scarecrow's own genetic experiments and infect him with them, causing him to transform into the Scarebeast. Friitawa also used the Scarecrow's genetic experiments to cure herself of her albinism, and give herself superhuman abilities. When Batman confronted Friitawa and the Penguin with his discoveries, she told him to call her "Fright" and ran off.

Recently, she has joined the new Black Mask in his Ministry of Science. She has a romantic relationship with the newest Black Mask during her joining.

Powers and Abilities

According to the Penguin, Fright has the ability to exhale nerve toxins. She also has superhuman strength and agility, the degree of which is unknown.

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