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Frosty was one of the Hockey Thugs who worked for Mr. Freeze.


According to one source, Frosty used to be a professional hockey player with a reputation of being sent into the penalty box too often. Eventually expelled from professional sport after ending there "too often", he became a career criminal who's crimes included grand theft, "murder in cold blood", assault and a "bad mask". Police reports indicate his weapon of choice was previously an ice pick.[1][2]

Frosty was the head of the Hockey Thugs whilst working for Mr. Freeze, working alongside his teammates and Ms. B. Haven. Protected from the cold in his warm suit, Frosty listened to Freeze who told him about his plan to freeze Gotham City and hold it for ransom unless the city bowed to his demands, Gotham would be winter forever and that they had no choice to bring the billions that he needed to complete his research so that he could find a cure for his wife.

Later in the Snowy Cones Ice Cream Factory, Frosty attempted to inform his boss about Bruce Wayne donating some diamonds which might be of use to Freeze's plan. As he tried to hold up the front page newspaper article, he was hit with the Freeze Gun and frozen solid as Freeze was irritated at the disruption while watching home movies of his wedding day. It seems he made no attempt to unfreeze Frosty within the next eleven minutes, even after noticing the article he was trying to show him.[3]

In Other Media[]

Frosty in toy commercial

A frame of Frosty (left) in the toy commercial

Frosty makes a rare appearance in a 1998 toy commercial of Batman & Robin where Frosty and another Hockey Thug are jumped by Batman, before being locked together in a jail cell in a cartoony fashion.

Frosty also appears in the 1998 PlayStation adaptation of Batman & Robin. The game gives more indications towards his backstory through clues and events in the game. Frosty appears in multiple crimes committed by the Hockey Thugs, primarily robbing jewelry and computer stores for both monetary gain and to power Freeze's Freezing Engine. The game also depicts him using a Freeze Gun similar to Mr. Freeze's version and, if defeated, he will teleport away through unknown means (possibly advanced technology acquired). Frosty is later defeated by either Batman, Robin or Batgirl at the Snowy Cones factory prior to the final level at Gotham Observatory. Unlike previous battles, Frosty will shatter after being defeated, indicating he was finally apprehended.



  • Frosty was based on a henchman of the same name in the Batman 1960's TV show, who was played by H.M. Wynat.
  • Frosty has a larger role in the PlayStation game, which also explains his backstory in the various clues throughout the game. The game's development started in late 1996 during the filming of the movie, so with the larger role that Frosty plays in the game, it is unknown whether Frosty was originally planned to have more storyline importance in the movie.
  • Frosty's favorite vehicle is a Snowy Cones ice cream truck. In the game, the player can put together a broken surveillance camera from scattered clues. When put together it captured an image of Frosty standing beside his ice cream truck while looking into the windows of the computer store "Ram World" before he robs it.
  • Frosty is revealed to be a calculated and organized individual in the game, his criminal files also saying that he fights dirty.[4] Clues reveal that he studies alarm configurations and maps of the places he plans to rob. Additionally, before he and his henchmen rob Ram World, the player can put together and repair a modem from scattered clue pieces throughout the city. When the modem is fixed, it is revealed that Frosty cleverly dialed Ram World's phone number after it closed to know the opening and closing hours from the answering machine.
  • The player can also find handwritten notes from Frosty to Mr. Freeze, by which Frosty writes neatly in light blue sharpie on Snowy Cones stationery white paper. On the other hand Freeze's handwriting is in black sharpie, often on green crumpled notebook paper.