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GCPD Officer Denning was an undercover Officer within Arkham City.


Batman: Arkham City[]

When Arkham City was developed, Commissioner James Gordon, due to his attempts to question Sharp about Arkham City either being ignored directly or placed in red tape, sent ten members of the 13th precinct to go undercover into Arkham City, one of them being Denning.

Unfortunately, as soon as he and his fellow squad arrived in Arkham City, they were exposed via an information leak and captured by the Penguin's men. He was taken alongside Southwold to the Iceberg Lounge to be tortured by the Penguin himself. When Batman arrived to rescue the unit as well as retrieve Mr. Freeze, after saving the surviving members of the team, the Penguin began broadcasting to Batman for "entertainment" as he was crossing the thawing ice separating the four areas of the hideout. He asked for Denning's name, only for Denning to tell Penguin "Yeah? screw you!" Realizing that Denning still has some life in him, he decided to make Denning (whom he referred to as "piggy") "squeal" by freezing his fingers with Mr. Freeze's Ice Gun and preparing to hit the frozen fingers with a hammer, and later deciding to shatter the entire hand. He along with Southwold are eventually rescued by Batman after he managed to retrieve a security protocol to deactivate the Ice Gun. After that he was ambushed by the ninja that Penguin had in the museum.

Later as Elvis Jones and GCPD Officer Michaels were guarding the entrance to the Iceberg Lounge, Denning was standing in the middle of the room, holding one of the Penguin's rifle umbrellas, while accidently firing a round up at the ceiling.

He was later rescued alongside the rest of the 13th Precinct members when the GCPD stormed the mega-prison, and presumably got a promotion later on, where he had the rank of Sergeant and proceeded to guard the GCPD holding cells.


  • None of the police officers are found to be missing a hand.
  • Something strange to note, during the cutscene where Penguin blows up the iceberg, Denning and the other cop Southwold are not seen. However, While Denning is seen again after the Solomon Grundy fight, Southwold is not.