"Five hundred to the man who brings me this clown dead. A million alive so I can teach him some manners first."

Gambol was one of three crime lords of Gotham City. He was the head of an African-American mob in Gotham City.


His gang was at a turf-war with the Italian mob, lead by Sal Maroni, and the Russian mob, led by The Chechen. Since the arrival of Batman, Gambol has made a truce with Maroni and the Chechen and formed an Alliance with the other crime organiztions as Batman has become a threat. He aquires an immediate hatred of the Joker, who arrives unannounced at a buisness meeting between the mob and repeatedly insults him (as well as the fact that the Joker stole money from the mob's bank). After placing a bounty on him, Gambol is tricked by a group of criminals who make it seem like they bring him the Joker dead, who reveals himself alive and holds Gambol at the edge of a knife and tells him an ambiguos story of how he got his scars. The Joker killed Gambol with his knife.

Behind the scenes

The exact manner in which the Joker killed Gambol is currently ambiguous. He may have stabbed him in the neck or head.

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