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Gearhead is a villain in The Batman.


Gearhead first appeared in the The Batman episode "RPM" voiced by Will Friedle. In this version, Gearhead (Nathan Finch) is a criminal car racer, who operates with advanced forms of nanotechnology. He appears to be a cyborg, as the Batman says "he is nanotechnology". His right arm has cords of some kind of nanotechnological virus which infects the vehicle and alters it into a yellow-colored, more hi-tech form with advanced features. His fingertips can extend to form claws when he is engaged in combat. His right arm bears certain shells of the nanotechnological virus, which can fire at other vehicles and control them remotely. Also, he has a robotic right eye that can automatically guide and maneuver his vehicle through traffic and other obstructions for him. Gearhead first shows up in a yellow race car during a charity race that Bruce Wayne (the Batman) is also competing in. Gearhead wins the race and steals all the charity money and rides off, leaving all the contestants baffled. Soon after, he ends up getting chased by the Batman in his Batmobile. However, Gearhead appears to be too fast for the Batman, and later the Batman eventually loses control of the Batmobile and falls off a cliff. He manages to jump but has the Batmobile destroyed. Later, at the Batcave, Wayne builds a new Batmobile with upgraded parts from other prototypes in his possession, from the Wayne Industries and even from the nanotechnological shell that he recovered from a vehicle that Gearhead was earlier controlling. With a bigger and better vehicle, the Batman along with Batgirl, out races Gearhead and defeats him. When he tries to steal the new Batmobile by injecting his cord into it, he is electrocuted, as the Batman tells that he reversed the effects of the virus so that it can't infect his vehicle. Gearhead is then sent to Arkham

He is later captured by Rumor, and he makes a cameo appearance during the scene where the cells open.


The Batman

Season 3

Season 4

The Batman Strikes!

  • Issue #22
  • Issue #36
  • Issue #39 (Cameo)

Voiced by

  • Will Friedle (English)
  • Nobuo Tobita (Japanese)
  • Renzo Jimenez (Spanish)