General Scarr AKA Anthony Paul Scarano is a crimelord with a passion for military trappings.



Asa child, Anthony Paul Scarano was always obsessed with the military and wished to become like them, particularly with famous generals and leaders. Scarano enlisted at a young age only to come to the realization that he couldn't achieve his goals of becoming a famed general within the ranks of the military as it was set-up.

Crafting the alias of General Scarr, he decided to use his military knowledge and training for crime where he believed he could flourish and achieve notoriety. His schemes would however make him an enemy of Batgirl who foiled his plans at every turn, making him obsessed with revenge on her.

The Army of Crime

General Scarr would go on to team up with fellow militaristic villains Colonel Sulphur, Major Disaster and Captain Cutlas to found what they called the Army of Crime. The, "Army" was lead by Scarr himself as they kidnapped the wealthy citizens of Gotham to hold hostage. They were able to achieve this thanks to alien weaponry obtained from the Metropolis supervillain, Weapon-Master.

This caused both Superman and Batman to be hot on the army's trail only for Scarr and his men to use their alien tech and strategy to overwhelm the heroes and imprison them. Superman and Batman would later manage to escape and finally defeat Scarr and the Army of Crime for good.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strategic genius
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