"We're not intimidated by thugs!"
―Gentleman to the Joker[src]

The gentleman attended the fundraising party for Harvey Dent held at Bruce Wayne's penthouse. When the Joker approached him, the gentleman, ignoring the threats, stood up to him. The Joker was angered by his show of defiance and stuck a knife to his mouth, much as he had done to Gambol. The Joker informed the newly intimidated man "Y'know, you remind me of my father ... I hated my father!"

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Credited as Gentleman at Party.
  • The gentleman was played by Senator Patrick Leahy from Vermont, a self-confessed Batman fan, who has filmed five Batman cameos, including playing Himself in Batman & Robin. It is unknown if he is also playing Himself as the "Gentleman at Party" in The Dark Knight. Leahy does however play Wayne Enterprises "Board Member #2" in The Dark Knight Rises, possibly as the same character called "Gentleman at Party".
  • The Joker's reference to hating his father further corroborates his alleged anecdote to Gambol.


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