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Ghost-Maker (Minhkhoa Khan) was the childhood friend turned rival of Batman. Having trained to become a vigilante, he took on more lethal means to fight crime and often worked off-grid. After the Joker War tore up parts of Gotham, Ghost-Maker came to Gotham to take over protection from Batman, though events led him to leave and become friendly with the superhero. Ghost-Maker would later leave the city after helping foil plans by the Scarecrow and Simon Saint, mentoring the vigilante Clownhunter and becoming the leader of Batman Incorporated.


However, Minhkhoa Khan sought to eliminate crime around the world, simply because he viewed it as an art rather than a duty.

By his young adulthood, Khoa had begun training with various individuals around the world, using the name "Anton" to cover up his identity. Despite this, he often trained to become the best in each field, even if it meant killing those who taught him. He first met Bruce Wayne whilst training with Kirigi at the Paektu Dojang. Due to their shared interests and goals, the two struck up a friendship. After Bruce left Kirigi after realizing he was recruiting for the League of Assassins, Khoa joined him, spending their time tracking down new mentors and training with them.[1] However, after he murdered one of them, the two quickly realized their different methods and quickly fell out, namely Bruce's vow not to kill and his lack of empathy. Though the two came into contact several times afterwards, these often resulted in fights between them. The two also began chasing the same mentors, with Khoa often beating him.[2][3]

Khoa and Bruce briefly recollided after he was rescued by an envoy of the League of Assassins. The two then trained under Ra's al Ghul, where Bruce finally defeated him in combat. After the incident, Khoa recognized he was the better combatant. After rescuing him from the League, they deemed their training complete. Both made agreed to continue their crime-fighting, but they would not interfere with their operations and Khoa would stay away from Gotham.[4]

Ghost-Maker began operating in Southeast Asia, targeting common criminals and corrupt officials alike. He would often spend a year in each city he operated in, leaving a trail of bodies behind whenever he left. Ghost-Maker's operations were hidden from many governments, with only Batman being aware of who was responsible. Around the time Dick Grayson was Robin, he and Batman chased a criminal to Singapore, only to be met by Ghost-Maker. As part of their agreement, they left him be and waited for him to send their target to Gotham. Batman also approached Ghost-Maker whilst forming Batman Incorporated and offered a place. However, their meeting ended in another fight.

Operations in Gotham[]

After the Joker waged a war against Batman that terrorized Gotham City, Ghost-Maker finally decided to break their agreement and take over crime-fighting in Gotham from Batman. Using his Ghostnet to identify all players in the city's underworld, he decided to begin by incapacitating Batman, his crime-fighting family and other vigilantes operating in the city. The first target was the Clownhunter, a new vigilante who'd also used lethal methods of crime-fighting. Ghost-Maker also intended to use the boy as a way of taunting Bruce on his failures to protect the city from new threats and inspiring worse criminals through his rules and empathy.


  • Acrobatics
  • Hacking
  • Interrogation
  • Intimidation
  • Martial Arts
  • Medical Science
  • Peak-Human Condition
  • Stealth
  • Swordsmanship
  • Tracking
  • Mental Health: As observed by Batman, Ghost-Maker bore psychopathic behavior and lacked any empathy for any person, including civilians. He, however, saw this as a strength, as he believed that emotions would distract or dampen his capabilities.



  • Ghost-Maker Suit
  • Ghostnet



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