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Ghost-Maker (Minhkhoa Khan) was the childhood friend turned rival of Batman. Having trained to become a vigilante, he took on more lethal means to fight crime and often worked off-grid. After the Joker War tore up parts of Gotham, Ghost-Maker came to Gotham to take over protection from Batman, though events led him to leave and become friendly with the superhero. Ghost-Maker would later leave the city after helping foil plans by the Scarecrow and Simon Saint, mentoring the vigilante Clownhunter and becoming the leader of Batman Incorporated.


From a young age, the man who would become Ghost-Maker sought to eliminate crime around the world, simply because he viewed it as an art rather than a duty. Training with various individuals around the world, he met Bruce Wayne whilst he trained to also become a vigilante. The two struck up a friendship due to their similar interests and goals. However, after learning that Bruce had chosen the path due to his parents' murder, Ghost-Maker fell out with him due to their different motivations. Though the two came into contact several times, these often resulted in fights between them. Bruce also recognized that Ghost-Maker lacked a sense of empathy, leading him to classify his former-friend as a psychopath.

After they finished training and before they became their respective identities, Bruce confronted Ghost-Maker and gave a proposition: he would not interfere with his operations if he stayed out of Gotham. Accepting these terms, Ghost-Maker began operating in Southeast Asia, targeting common criminals and corrupt officials alike. He would often spend a year in each city he operated in, leaving a trail of bodies behind whenever he left. Ghost-Maker's operations were hidden from many governments, with only Batman being aware of who was responsible. Around the time Dick Grayson was Robin, he and Batman chased a criminal to Singapore, only to be met by Ghost-Maker. As part of their agreement, they left him be and waited for him to send their target to Gotham. Batman also approached Ghost-Maker whilst forming Batman Incorporated and offered a place. However, their meeting ended in another fight.

Operations in Gotham

After the Joker waged a war against Batman that terrorized Gotham City, Ghost-Maker finally decided to break their agreement and take over crime-fighting in Gotham from Batman. Using his Ghostnet to identify all players in the city's underworld, he decided to begin by incapacitating Batman, his crime-fighting family and other vigilantes operating in the city. The first target was the Clownhunter, a new vigilante who'd also used lethal methods of crime-fighting. Ghost-Maker also intended to use the boy as a way of taunting Bruce on his failures to protect the city from new threats and inspiring worse criminals through his rules and empathy.


  • Acrobatics
  • Hacking
  • Interrogation
  • Intimidation
  • Martial Arts
  • Medical Science
  • Peak-Human Condition
  • Stealth
  • Swordsmanship
  • Tracking
  • Mental Health: As observed by Batman, Ghost-Maker bore psychopathic behavior and lacked any empathy for any person, including civilians. He, however, saw this as a strength, as he believed that emotions would distract or dampen his capabilities.



  • Ghost-Maker Suit
  • Ghostnet