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"You don't want to die. But you don't know how to take a life."

Ginty was an inmate of Blackgate Prison. He had many tattoos, both inked, and scarified. This man, who towered physically over most of his fellow prisoners, made a decision that was crucial to the outcome.


Ferry Ordeal[]

With the threat of the Joker's terror hanging over Gotham City, thousands of its residents wanted to evacuate by water ferry. Commissioner Gordon also wanted to evacuate prisoners locked up by the district attorney, because he feared the Joker would use them as part of his plan. Ginty was one of the convicts that was evacuated.

Shortly before midnight two ferries, the Spirit (filled with prisoners) and the Liberty (filled with Gotham citizens) became stranded in the middle of the water. Bombs were discovered on both boats, as well as detonators. The Joker contacted the people on both ferries with a phone attached to the loudspeakers. He told them that each group had the detonator to the bomb on the other boat. The Joker threatened to destroy both boats...unless one group set off the bomb on the other boat.

A tense stand-off ensued on the ferry with the prisoners. The convicts screamed at the warden to destroy the other boat, while the guards tried to keep order. With less than five minutes to go, Ginty approached the warden and asked for the detonator. He explained that if the warden didn't give it to him, his fellow prisoners would kill him and take it. Ginty also told him that he could tell people the detonator was taken by force. The warden handed him the detonator after the prisoner told him he would do what should have been done ten minutes ago. Ginty then threw it out the window and went back to his seat. His fellow criminals did not express anger at him, rather they silently and solemnly waited for death.

In the city's darkest hour, this man, a despised criminal, made a decision that helped save hundreds of lives. In the end, the people on the other ferry decided not to use their detonator either. The Joker was defeated and both groups were saved.

Eight years later, Ginty decided not to join Bane into taking over Gotham City after hearing the truth about James Gordon's resignation while his prison mates decided to escape from Blackgate Prison denied the paroles under the Dent Act.

Memorable Quotes[]

  • "Give it to me... and I'll do what you shoulda did ten minutes ago."


Behind the scenes[]