The Golums are a street gang in Gotham City. Golums are known for their ghoulish neon makeup that glows under blacklights set up in their alleyways, to frighten pedestrians.


Fighting Dick Grayson

Dick Grayson noticed them harassing a young girl after hijacking the Batmobile from the Batcave. He confronted them and told them to leave the girl alone, at which point he was asked who he was. He claimed he was "Batman", but simply "forgot his suit". The gangsters then charged at him, and he effectively fought them off, rescuing the girl.

The gang leader whistled for more members to join the fray and they almost cornered Dick but were interrupted when the true Batman descended from the rooftop, at which point the group fled into the shadows, terrified.

Fighting Bane

During Mr. Freeze's reign of terror, they resided within the abandoned Turkish Bath House. Poison Ivy and Bane then broke in, and Bane briefly fought them until they left. Ivy and Bane then redecorated the place with Ivy's Plants.

Notable Members


Behind the Scenes

  • The name of the infamous blacklight gang was identified in Akiva Goldsman's screenplay for fourth film.
  • Golum may have been a play on either, or both, "Gollum" of the J.R.R. Tolkien series, and "Golem", a giant clay monster of Jewish folklore.


Batman Forever

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