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"Clever, Devilishly Clever!"
―Commissioner Gordon[src]

The Commissioner of Gotham City Police Department, Gordon is constantly using the Batphone to contact Batman and Robin whenever trouble arises that is beyond his control. Commissioner Gordon is often seen consulting with Chief O'Hara.


Commissioner Gordon has the incredibly difficult job of keeping the peace in Gotham City. He is staunchly dedicated to enforcing the letter of the law, but is also fiercely loyal to Batman and Robin who are his duly deputized agents of the law. He will often ignore proper police procedure or hand over command of his police force to give the Caped Crusaders plenty of room to do what they do best. He often employs videos of the Dynamic Duo's exploits to teach his men new crime-fighting techniques. He usually works from his office, so as to be close to the Batphone, but when duty calls he will don his hat and wade into the crime-infested streets of Gotham City alongside Batman and Robin. It is rumored that he keeps a 'bottle' in his desk drawer, though perhaps only Chief O'Hara knows for sure.

Gordon is wary of Warden Crichton's liberal penalogical practices and rehabilitation program at Gotham State Penitentiary. He often makes known his negative opinion of parole, and rarely believes that newly released criminals have indeed reformed, though on one particular occasion he was fooled into thinking Catwoman had reformed.

He is a happily married man and is the father of Barbara Gordon, though he has no idea she is Batgirl. He also has several grandchildren. He wears Wellington no. 4 aftershave lotion.

Gordon always complied with Batman's suggestions, responding most often with something like:

  • "Whatever you think best, Batman"
  • "Right, Batman"
  • "Of course, Batman"
  • "A brilliant deduction, Batman"
  • "I'll see to it right away"
  • "Yes, Sir. Very well"
  • "Keep me informed, Batman"
  • "Of course, by all means"
  • "We'll be there in a trice!"

Modern expanded canon

It is important to note that Commissioner Gordon's first name James was never revealed in the series, just like the surname of Alan Napier's Alfred. In his appearances in comics and animation he is no longer based on Neil Hamilton's likeness and Jim Ward provides the voice of the character.


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  • Commissioner Gordon is one of the two only other characters besides Batman and Robin to appear in all 120 episodes and the 1966 movie.
  • After being under the control of a villainess known as the Siren, Gordon hid in the trunk of the Batmobile and discovered the entrance of the Batcave. Fortunately Alfred used Bat-sleep on him and his memory of what he learned whilst under Siren's control was erased.