Gork was an average man transformed by Doctor Moon into a “perfect fighting machine”.


The man who would some day become known as Gork was a sensitive man often bullied for his frail build and short stature. This allowed him to be persuaded by a criminal named Ivan Angst into an experimental-surgery headed by one Doctor Moon who surgically altered him into a living weapon.

As Gork, he had his pain receptors cut, shields surgically grafted under his skin, and enhanced strength. In exchange for recognition and respect as Gork, all he needed to do was kill the Batman. However, as a result of no-longer having pain-receptors, Gork unknowingly over-exerted his body leading to his own dying. In a final act of retribution, Gork killed Ivan Angst.

Powers and Abilities


  • Enhanced Strength:
  • Pain Resilience: Gork no longer experiences the sensation of pain meaning that many attacks won't incapacitate or meaningfully affect him.
  • Body Shields: He has several shields grafted under his flesh which enhance his invulnerability


  • Pain Resilience: Gork not being able to experience pain means his body can't detect when it is in lethal danger or when it is over-exerting itself. This design flaw lead to Gork's death.

In Other Media

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