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"Never leave the Cave without it."
―Batman to Robin.[src]

A special GothCard credit card was carried by Batman in his Utility Belt. It was presented when he needed to make monetary transactions while wearing the Batsuit.

Batman used it at the Save the Rainforest Charity Ball to offer $7 million for Poison Ivy.


Behind the Scenes[]

The GothCard wasn't included in Akiva Goldsman's script, so it's very likely that this was an idea added by Joel Schumacher during shooting.


The GothCard has often served as a minor criticism towards Batman & Robin. Many argue that, to own one, Batman would to set it to Bruce Wayne's financial accounts or create one himself, allowing his enemies and potentially the public to trace his finances. It could also mean tracing them could lead directly to his alter-ego and potentially Wayne Enterprises. However, given his wealth and resources, it's possible Batman would have set up shell companies and false identities to avoid this, though some argue that it still would not mitigate these.