GothCorp was owned and run by businessman Ferris Boyle.


Batman: Arkham City

Mr. Freeze's Interview Tapes recounted the tale of his wife, Nora Fries, who had a Fatal Illness and little time left to live. Freeze worked for weeks, literally without food or sleep for up to a week at times. Nora tried to stop Victor's crusade until she agreed to be frozen, after which a tired Fries overslept. Fries' experiment was discovered by his boss, Ferris Boyle, who claimed that everything in Victor's test, including Nora, was legally his, and caused her husband to attack him. Boyle knocked Fries into his cryogenic chemicals and left him to die, after which Victor became Mr. Freeze and planned to murder Boyle and reclaim his wife. While Freeze failed to kill Boyle due to Batman's interference, he thanked the Dark Knight for exposing Boyle and returning him his beloved Nora.

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