Gotham City Courthouse is a rambling old pseudo-Roman building containing the general trial courts in Gotham City's federal court system, located at the corner of Badger Boulevard and Olsen Street in Downtown Gotham City.


Batman Begins Edit

Originally erected by Alan Wayne some time after the Civil War, the Gotham Courthouse itself was later refurbished by Thomas Wayne to house Gotham City's primary court for criminal cases. As such, it came to house the trial of Thomas' killer Joe Chill when he offered to testify against mob boss Carmine Falcone and his control over Gotham through organized crime. But because the corrupt Judge Faden insisted on making it a public hearing due to getting paid off by Falcone, Chill was gunned down in the courthouse lobby by one of Falcone's lackeys, with Thomas' son Bruce and and his childhood friend Rachel Dawes, who served as the court's secondary district attorney, within the crowd watching. This left the entire Gotham justice system defenseless against the crime lord's crime family without their ace in the hole. It is also the location where Rachel argues with Dr. Jonathan Crane about having Falcone's thugs transferred to Arkham Asylum by claiming that they were insane.


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