The Gotham City Olympus was a nightclub owned by the criminal Maxie Zeus.


Before Arkham

Unlike most buildings in North Gotham, the Gotham City Olympus Nightclub was still in full operation, originally owned by Maxie Zeus.

Although Maxie disppeared in Arkham Asylum after one too many rounds of electroshock therapy, the club kept running in his absence, leaving some to think its owner hasn't gone far.

Batman: Arkham City

The Olympus was closed down once Arkham City was approved, and any use of it by inmates is unknown. But, it was one of the many buildings that the Riddler hid one of his trophies for the Dark Knight to locate.


  • If scanned by Batman, the Gotham City Olympus unlocks an Arkham City story concerning Maxie Zeus and his nightclub.
  • For reasons unknown, the Olympus was set on fire, like the old Gotham Casino across from it.
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