The Gotham City Police Department (GCPD or GPD), officially the City of Gotham Police Department is a law enforcement agency that upheld law and order in Gotham City. Founded in 1820, a sub-division of GCPD was the Major Crimes Unit.


As with all portrayals of the Gotham City Police Department, the force acts as both an ally and a opponent to Batman. In the Nolan films however, this version of the GCPD that was featured played a greater pivotal role than other depictions. The police force seems to be modeled after the New York Police Department.

Early on in Batman Begins, the uniforms of the GCPD took on the sky blue (baby blue) of the Chicago Police Department, which also was the color used in NYPD uniforms up through as late as the mid-1990s. Later in the film and for the rest of the trilogy, police officers wear navy blue uniforms similar to those worn by the NYPD since the late 1990s. GCPD cruisers use a paint job based on the 1990s livery of the NYPD, with the words "GPD POLICE" and the officers' shoulder patch printed on the car doors, the word "POLICE" also being printed just above the front wheel wells, and the unit number printed on the rear side panels and the trunk.

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