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Gotham City Police SWAT members in full riot dress and equipment.

Gotham City SWAT was the Special Weapons and Tactics branch of the GCPD.


SWAT first acted when Scarecrow's base under Arkham Asylum was discovered by Batman. Scarecrow had the police brought over to the asylum and SWAT was called for back up. They were going through the asylum when they were stunned by the swarm of bats used by Batman.  Gotham SWAT was called in for security when Ra's al Ghul and his League of Shadows began their assault on Gotham City's Narrows district.

Several months later, Gotham SWAT team would accompany the MCU when they entered the Bank of Gotham Building.

The team was also called in to rescue hostages of the Joker and his thugs from the Prewitt Building. Batman had to take on the SWAT to keep them from mistakenly assaulting the hostages, who had been dressed in the thugs' outfits and clown masks.

After Batman had caught the Joker with his Grapple Gun, he left him dangling from a beam, several stories above the ground. Batman slipped away just as the regrouped SWAT members rushed to the Joker, all taking aim as he laughed maniacally, swaying on the line.

Behind the scenes

001NolanSWAT 02

A GCPD SWAT officer.

  • Gotham City SWAT likely pulled the Joker to safety, and turned brought him to the MCU to be incarcerated.


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