"Friends, Part One"

Joker and Harley escape, with Harley acting more protective than usual. Joker kills all of the guards in his way, and cuts off an arm off of one. Zsasz asks him what to do with the female guards and doctors. Joker said to do whatever he pleased. As soon as he was going to the exit, Alyce Sinner is seen on the scene when Joker and Harley are taking over Arkham, and villains are taking sides whether one side is better than the other. Jeremiah Arkham and Alyce Sinner has a group of inmates with guns, trying to beat Joker. Joker, not being afraid, has Harley subdues them by stealing the remote. Using the remote, the collars on the inmates, besides Jeremiah,are knocked out. Black Mask and Joker talk, saying he is outnumbered now. However, Poison Ivy subdues the chaos, otherwise meaning, she stopped Joker, while Alyce and Jeremiah watched Ivy. Ivy was done, letting the guards subdue all of the inmates, but Harley is angry at Ivy. Ivy lets her decide for her to choose, their friendship or her love for Joker.


"Friends, Part One"



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