Gotham General Hospital was one of the largest Hospitals in Gotham City. It housed Harvey Dent, who by then had half of his face horribly scarred.



Gotham General is blown up by the Joker.

The hospital became a target for the Joker to blow up. However, nearly all its denizens were safely transferred before the building was destroyed when the Joker activated his explosives.

Before fleeing the scene, the Joker and his men hi-jacked a bus containing a few of the patients and medical staff.

Eight years after the events of Joker's spree the hospital was later rebuilt, and it housed Jim Gordon after he was shot by Bane's henchmen. When Bane subsequently took over the city, some of his men invaded the hospital to either kidnap or assassinate Gordon. He managed to stop them, however, and escaped with the assistance of John Blake.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The hospital used for the movie was actually very old, and many people were pleased to see it put to use, even though the use was it blowing up.
  • The location used for the explosion was actually an old Brach's Candy Factory, which was imploded for the scene.
  • It is possible that this is the hospital Thomas Wayne worked at.
  • There are rumours saying Heath Ledger improvised the scene when the detonator fails, but the Blu-Ray documentary states it was part of the scene from the beginning. It was done this way to be able to have the principal actor close to the explosions, and then leave with the whole destruction.
  • The hospital in The Dark Knight Rises is confirmed to be a new Gotham General through signs that can be seen inside the building when Blake is rushing to save Gordon.
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