Gotham Plaza is the new location of Gotham City Hall. The flagship business is the lavish Shreck's department store building, headquarters of the Shreck Corportation owned by Max Shreck.


Lighting of the Tree CeremonyEdit

A major attack on the populace occurred during the annual tree lighting ceremony. The Red Triangle Circus Gang attempted to kidnap Max Shreck and positioned clowns with submachine guns at various points around the intersection.

Relighting of the Tree CeremonyEdit

During the second attempt at a tree lighting that year, the Ice Princess was murdered, releasing hundreds of bats on the crowd. Batman flew through overhead of the plaza, and was said to have pushed her off a building by one of the crowd members.

Penguin CommandosEdit

An army of hundreds of Penguins armed with rockets gathered here, before they returned to the sewer openings.



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