Gotham State Penitentiary is the prison where some of Batman's enemies are incarcerated.


The Gotham State Penitentiary was the primary correctional facility of Gotham City prior to the establishment of Blackgate Island. It is located in the neighborhood of Sommerset, some twelve miles north of Arkham Asylum. Although Gotham's more deranged criminals were usually incarcerated at Arkham, the Gotham State pen filled its cells with prisoners who were just as notorious, but no less deadly. Such inmates included the Penguin, Catman, Deadshot, and the Cavalier. Shortly after the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, the Gotham State Pen was the scene of a massive breakout executed by the eco-terrorist Ra's al Ghul. Ra's not only released all of the prisoners from the prison, but he also provided them with their costumes and weapons, while simultaneously uniting them with escaped patients from Arkham Asylum.


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