Gotham Underground is a series of comics in which the gangs of Gotham try to fill the gap with the death of the Black Mask. Bruce Wayne is posing as a criminal under the name 'Matches Malone'. This means that Nightwing and Robin (helped by The Oracle) are on their own.

Meanwhile,Penguin is visited by Tobias Whale and is given an offer. Penguin refuses.

The suicide squad interrupts a meeting with the Penguin and others while Bruce is listening in. He gets captured and put in jail. Later,Victor Zsasz was instructed to kill him but Bruce wins and escapes from hospital with Alfred's help.

Whale and Penguin eventually have a war with penguin gathering all homeless and poor criminals and giving them useful weapons (for example,Lex Luthor's Power suit.)

Deadshot appears but is beat down by the newly-suited up Batman.

The Riddler also saves Dick Grayson's (Nightwing's) life.




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