Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) is an occasional partner to Batman. He teamed up with him when they were members of the Justice League of America.


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Green with envy

Oliver Queen was a billionaire just like Bruce Wayne. He would lose his wealth and become Green Arrow. He teamed up with several superheroes like Green Lantern. He even had a Robin-like partner called Speedy. He is also partners and is married to Black Canary.

Powers and Abilities

  • Master Archer: Oliver Queen's archery skills are top tier, he is considered to be one of the World's greatest archers in the DC Universe.
  • Trick Arrows: Uses a variety of trick arrows like explosive arrows, net arrows, tear gas arrows, flash bang arrows, cryonic arrows, grappling hook arrows & even a Kryptonite arrow etc. Oliver's arsenal is very extensive.
  • Superior Athleticism: Oliver's athletic skills are at peak human conditioning levels matching or even surpassing some of the best Olympic athletes.
  • Master Martial Artist: He is a master in several forms of hand-to-hand combat including Judo, Kickboxing, Boxing, Escrima and Karate. Proclaimed as a martial arts master, he has shown the ability to take on seven people at once. He spent several months dedicated to making himself a better fighter and trained with many of the world's finest martial arts teachers and even went through training from Natas, the same person who trained Deathstroke.
  • Exceptional Swordsman: His skills the art of swordsmanship are top notch, he started out by mastering fencing.

In Other Media


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Due to the embargo that prevented Batman appearing on the Smallville TV series, Green Arrow was used in a way that resembled the classic Superman and Batman relationship.


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