"Don't mind us, ma'am... You can speak freely...!"
―Greevey, enamored with Poison Ivy.[src]

Greevey was one of the on-duty guards keeping watch over the recently captured Mr. Freeze.


Not much was known about Greevey's early life prior to become an Arkham guard.

Freeze's Incarceration

Greevey along with his partner were posted to keep Victor Fries under watch while he was imprisoned at Arkham Asylum following his capture by Batman. During Freeze's time with them, they guards proves they had no love or compassion for Freeze or his condition; they taunted and bullied him in his weakened state and ultimately relished the fact that while Freeze was stuck there with no ability to ably function without his cyro-suit, he was powerless to fight back.

Kissed by Poison Ivy

The guards' fun came to an end during Arkham's visiting hours and Freeze's "sister" arrived to see him. Unbeknownst to them, Freeze had no sister and the woman that they encountered was Poison Ivy, a new garish criminal in Gotham City. Ivy came to Arkham Asylum in the interests of rescuing Freeze, with whom she'd taken an interest in since she watched him spread chaos from the sidelines, and in turn, create a partnership between the two.

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Unfortunately, with Freeze's guards on stand-by, Ivy's plans had to wait until they were taken care of. Despite the guards who were already enamored with the beautiful Ivy, she dulled their senses with her love-dust to place them under her spell, and, by extension, her charms.

With the Freeze's guards at her mercy, Ivy lead them away from their posts, and seduced them into letting their own guard down. In full view of Freeze (whom she showed off to), Ivy placed a hand on the Eye Patch Guard's face, and, he in turn, put his around her waist. Leaning in, Ivy kissed him deeply on the lips which he reciprocated. After a moment, Ivy languidly peeled away from him and he began choke, gagged for breath, and fell to the ground, dead.



Immediately, Ivy turned around to the still-smitten Greevey and grabbed him by the face with both hands. Before he could realize what happened, she dove in, forced their lips to meet, and began to eagerly kiss him too. Unlike his partner, he felt the murderous effects almost instantly, audibly suffered, and involuntarily contorted while she passionately kissed him.

After a moment, Ivy casually cast him aside, allowed him to drop to the floor at her feet, and succumbed to her poison. With little care, Ivy wiped her lip slightly, then posed pridefully with her handiwork for Freeze.



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