"I think he knows who his parents are. There's something else."
Batman to Alfred[src]

The Gotham Hall of Records is where thousands of documents and birth records related to the city's populace are stored. The Penguin wanted access to this building to keep information on the first-born sons to privilege in the city, to eventually target them for murder. Completely unbeknownst to the public and even his conspirator Max Shreck, who thought his dream in life was to find his parents and learn his family name.


Late night researchEdit


Penguin's research at the Hall of Records was a media circus

The press wanted access to watch the Penguin research after he captured the public's imagination as a perceived tragic hero. Shreck had guards and police keeping them out, claiming it was time to "give the constitution a rest" due to it being the Christmas season. Penguin stayed long into the night, writing down information for hours obviously regarding things far beyond his own family history. Batman took notice of this while on patrol that night in the Batmobile, previously he had sympathized with him like everyone else while watching him on television. The suspicious activity at the Hall of Records prompted Bruce to begin researching the Red Triangle Circus in old newspaper articles on microfiche in the Batcave. Here he discovered Cobblepot had not always lived in the sewer and traveled with the circus as a bitter freakshow performer that was suspected of murdering or kidnapping children. Later Bruce confronted Shreck about supporting Cobblepot for mayor due to his connections as a crimeboss.

Utilizing the listEdit

"Not even in office yet and already an enemies list, hmm?"

Penguin continued to work on the list in his office while his gang constructed rockets and control helmets for their penguins. Catwoman noticed it and immediately identified it as a mere "enemies list" before Penguin angrily prevented her from inspecting it closer. Penguin was distracted from this project when Max Shreck convinced him to run for mayor, promising him the adulation of women. Penguin particularity liked the idea of poetically reclaiming his birthright before executing his final plan, so he agreed. The sheets of paper were handed out to his gang after he was disgraced during his mayor campaign, which sent him into a rage. When the Fat Clown questioned the idea of murdering innocent children, he was immediately shot dead by Cobblepot. The rest of the gang complied with his wishes.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Many aspects of Penguins schemes and motivation were added in Wesley Strick's shooting script, including the list of names.

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