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Hamilton Hill was the mayor of Gotham City during Batman's first years of crime fighting. He was a regular target for a number of costumed criminals, including the Joker and Clock King.


Prior to becoming Mayor, Hamilton Hill was a lawyer to a private firm. He often took the same train as Temple Fugate, who approached him on the day of an important court case on advice. Hill told Fugate to deviate from his precise schedule, which inadvertently lead him to arrive late to his court hearing.

Years later, Hill was elected Mayor of Gotham City, providing new facilities, including Stonegate Penitentiary. Hill was regularly targeted by many of Gotham's criminals, due to his political status and power. Fugate, now a criminal called the Clock King, also targeted Hill, due to the belief that he had sabotaged his case and ruined his life.

Some time after Batman's retirement, the Hamilton Hill High School was named in his honor. Terry McGinnis was among its students.

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