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Henry "Hank" Clover Jr was the brother of Claire Clover. Inspired by Batman, he became a Metahuman crime fighter called Gotham. However, an encounter with Hugo Strange and the Psycho Pirate caused Hank to lose his sanity.


Growing up in Gotham City, Hank began admiring Batman after the Dark Knight saved him and his parents from a mugger. With his sister Claire, he decided to repay him by helping protect the city. As part of an experimental procedure, Hank and Claire were transformed into metahumans with similar powers to Superman. However, every use of their powers would shortened their lifespans.

Taking the identity "Gotham", Hank and Claire introduced themselves to Batman by saving him and a plane full of civilians from crashing into the Gotham Bay. Taken under the Dark Knight, they helped him patrol the city and were involved in several incidents, such as helping battle Solomon Grundy.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Ultra Powers: Hank had "ultra" powers which let him tap into a vast array of abilities (typically resembling those of Superman) albeit with a great cost. The more of his powers he uses, the more it drains him over-all lifespan.
    • Flight
    • Super Strength
    • Invulnerabilty
    • Superhuman stamina
    • Ultra Vision
      • Heat vision
Gotham's Death

Claire mourning her brother