Harlan Ellison was an American author and critic who sometimes dabbled in comic book writing. Ellison wrote two single issue Batman stories in Detective Comics #567 and Batman: Gotham Knights #13.

Ellison's voice is heard off-panel on page 14 in issue #4 of Frank Miller's 1986 Dark Knight series. In 2005 he appeared in the documentary Legends of the Dark Knight: The History of Batman. He also wrote a story treatment for a episode of the original Batman television series that was to feature Two-Face. This later became the inspiration for Batman '66: The Lost Episode and Batman vs. Two-Face.

Batman works

The Two-Way Crimes of Two-Face

Ellison's first brush with Batman was when he was hired to write a Two-Face story for the television shown in the late 60's.

The Night of Thanks, But No Thanks!

Ellsion would not return to Batman until 1986. The story involves the crimefighter misinterpreting common urban situations for crimes in progress, only to find none of the people are in need of rescue.

Batman Black and White: Funny Money

A 2004 Batman Black and White entry, Batman helps the US Treasury trap expert counterfeiters. First printed in Batman: Gotham Knights #13.

Secret Behind the Stolen Super-Weapons

The featured story co-written with Peter David in DC Comics Presents: Justice League of America. The story is about the JLA meeting DC Editor Julius Schwartz, part of series of one-shots paying tribute to the editor in 2004.


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