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"You think you're smarter than me, dontcha, Bat?! Well I got it all figured out. You were jealous of me 'n' my J, that's why you killed him, ISN'T IT?! Well, I hope you're happy now. You got what you wanted."
―Harley Quinn[src]

A Blackgate and Arkham psychiatrist assigned to treat the Joker, Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel instead became obsessively fixated on her patient, believing herself to be in love with him. She helped him escape confinement and took on her own criminal identity as Harley Quinn, named after the French court jester Harlequin, and would become almost as deadly as her boyfriend to the Dark Knight and Gotham City. Over the years, she participated in the Clown Prince of Crime's various schemes for destruction with her only motive being the approval and love of the Joker, though the villain rarely ever reciprocated her feelings in the slightest.

After the failure of one of Joker's more deadly and recent plans, culminating in a massive Arkham riot and breakout, Joker became deathly ill following an overdose of Titan, a unique steroid compound that was being developed at the asylum and was pivotal to the Joker's designs. Harley remained at his side during his painful recovery from the effects of Titan in Arkham City, aiding him in what would later become his last and most twisted joke on Batman and Gotham. After the Joker's untimely demise, Quinn took complete control over the remains of his gang in her own quest for vengeance against Batman and all of Gotham in honor of the Joker.

Quinn further rose in both power and viciousness after her plans for revenge failed, taking firm command of the remnants of Joker's followers and allying herself with the Gotham underworld's most notorious superpowers in a master plan, of Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight's creation, to bring down Batman once and for all on Halloween night.


Batman: Arkham Origins

She worked as an intern under the psychiatrist Hugo Strange, and worked as one of the psychiatrists at Blackgate Penitentiary. At one point, she, under Strange's orders, contacted one of his patients, Alberto Falcone, the heir to the Falcone Crime Family, to notify him that he missed his past two appointments, and gave the subtle but clear threat that Strange and Quinzel will tell his father, Carmine Falcone, about Alberto carrying potentially untreated psychological issues if he doesn't continue his appointments.

By the time of Christmas Eve, Quinzel was nearly finished with her psychological residency at Blackgate. After Julian Gregory Day, also known as the serial killer Calendar Man, was arrested by the GCPD with the anonymous help of Batman, Quinzel did a psychological evaluation of the serial killer, and determined that Day was insane and thus could not be executed. However, Warden Joseph had her redo the evaluation under the pretense that he was manipulating her (although it was heavily implied that Joseph himself was being manipulated by Commissioner Loeb into having Day ruled sane and execute him to gain political points). She did so under the condition that she be allowed to do psychiatric analysis on all newcoming prisoners of Blackgate prisoners from that point onward.

After the Joker, a new criminal mastermind, was arrested by the GCPD, she did a psychiatric evaluation on the mass-murdering psychopath, also holding some sympathy for the Joker due to her belief that the GCPD was bullying homeless people. This led to the Joker to, after ambiguously implying that he came about due to having a really bad day, manipulate her into becoming a pawn inside the prison, which worked largely because she didn't have any friends beforehand.

Eventually, she was held hostage by the various prisoners at Blackgate when the Joker escaped and instigated a riot. The prisoners strongly implied that she leaked the security codes to the Joker after he wooed her, although she and the security staff denied it. Batman later rescued them, with Quinzel telling Batman that the Joker was waiting for him at the panopticon, although she felt uncomfortable when Batman mentioned the cops will keep her and the other staff safe. After the Joker was recaptured, Quinzel followed the staff as they escorted a restrained Joker back to his cell, also winking at him.

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

Harleen Quinzel doesn't make a physical appearance in the game, although she was mentioned in some of the case files, where it was established that Harleen, during the three months between Origins and Blackgate was further seduced by the Joker, even resorting to calling him "Mr. J" in an affectionate tone. It also established that, like in the second riot, she was partially responsible for the Joker's actions in the game, including the creation of the Joker venom as well as Joker discovering through blueprints a means to escape.

Before Assault on Arkham

Harleen would eventually come to the newly reopened Arkham Asylum in order to continue studying Joker after being transferred from Blackgate Prison. Continuing his manipulation of the young woman during their therapy sessions, Joker easily seduced Harleen and convinced her to set him free on several occasions, all the while brainwashing her into believing he loved her and Batman was the true villain.

Eventually, Harleen's mind completely snapped when Batman returned a bruised and battered Joker back to the Asylum after one of his violent breakouts and crime sprees. The young psychiatrist assumed the alias of Harley Quinn, indicative of the court jester, Harlequin, broke Joker free from the Asylum, leading to the deaths of many security personnel and fellow employees alike, and became Joker's trusted sidekick, plaything, and sometimes girlfriend.

From this point forward, Quinn's reputation was forever tarnished by her diluted love for the Joker, making it her sole motivation in life to earn his approval and would often end up locked up in the Asylum as well. Tragically for Harley, Joker simply used her to perform his plans, engage in sexual activities if the mood suited him, and abused and beat her, sometimes within an inch of her life, to feed his sadistic appetites.

Batman: Assault on Arkham

She was a frequent member of the Suicide Squad tasked by Amanda Waller. At some point, Harley Quinn and the Joker, during one of the latter's infamous crime sprees, proceeded to set a vehicle containing various contraband that was to be sold by the Penguin on fire and then dump it into the river, which caused the crime lord to hate the duo even further than before. During one of their crimes, Joker proceeded to kick Harley out of their escape vehicle while it was still moving, apparently causing severe enough injuries to leave her with bruises. Despite their resulting break up, Harley remained determined to both pay the Joker back for his actions and return to her lover's side, keeping this a secret and retaining the outward appearance of having severed her ties with him.

Shortly before being recruited by the Suicide Squad again, Harley Quinn underwent a group therapy session at the Roosevelt Support Center, and attempted to watch on her tablet an episode of The Looney Toons Show. However, the head therapist tried to take it away from her, which resulted in Harley Quinn literally biting the therapist's ear off to get it back, also continuing to watch it.

Afterwards, she awoke at the Suicide Squad headquarters, also lamenting her having to undergo a mission again, alongside her fellow members Deadshot and Captain Boomerang, as well as new-comers Black Spider, KGBeast, King Shark, and Killer Frost. She then was briefed on the situation by Amanda Waller, with KGBeast being killed when he unwisely challenged her claim that they were installed with a tracker that would explode if they went against mission protocol. She was the first to agree to the mission to break into Arkham Asylum.

Afterwards, she and the others were knocked out and then came to onboard a transport plane over Gotham, with her also expressing amusement at Black Spider (a vigilante who hunts and kills criminals) getting out of his seat and threatening Captain Boomerang, claiming that ninjas were awesome. She was also the only one who was actually enjoyed the freefall, laughing her heart out when they were falling to Gotham City, and also surviving falling on her head.

Later, she managed to strike up a destructive relationship with Deadshot, and later met with Penguin. However, the meeting nearly ended in disaster when Penguin recognized her among the Suicide Squad and tried to gun her down in a rage, still sore over Joker's earlier actions and her involvement in it. She also expressed minor annoyance at Deadshot offering to kill her when he tried to talk Penguin out of it. As part of the plan, she was dropped off at a toy shop so she could cause enough vandalization under the pretense of trying to search for a "chatty boo-boo" doll to lure Batman over to get her into Arkham as a prisoner. However, during the exchange, Batman proceeded to interrogate her about the location of Joker's dirty bomb that he hid somewhere inside Gotham, which neither she nor her Suicide Squad was even aware of. Batman then had her arrested after determining she genuinely didn't know, but was still suspicious as he found her to have given up too easily.

She later was escorted by a "guard" (actually Deadshot in disguise) through Arkham over to the Junction box, although they nearly hit a snag in the plan when it was revealed that Joker was being kept in the isolation cell. Harley Quinn, secretly plotting to release her lover and get even with him for abandoning her at the same time, used the opportunity to pretend to attack him in revenge, with Deadshot trying to stop her to avoid blowing their cover. Ultimately she managed to humiliate Joker by shooting her gun through the airholes of the otherwise bulletproof prison, which also resulted in Joker having an easy means of escape later. However, a gas explosion ended up placing Arkham Asylum on yellow alert, which resulted in Batman's involvement becoming likely, although they attempted to stall him by including old security footage in an attempt to trick him into thinking everything was normal.

She proceeded to distract a guard by undressing and luring him over to be taken out by King Shark upon regrouping with the group. Eventually, they got into evidence lockup at the Asylum, with her eventually finding her mallet that she misplaced. However, she ended up having to fight Batman with the others, due to Batman not being fooled by the swapped tapes. She was the only one to be suspicious of Black Spider supposedly beating Batman. Eventually, at the prison yard, Harley Quinn and the others proceeded to fight several guards, due to King Shark not being subtle in his actions.

Eventually, she was subjected to electroshock therapy by the Riddler to undo the trackers on their necks, with her taking amusement in the pain, although the electroshock therapy failed to short out King Shark's device due to his skin being too tough. Batman was also exposed to have been posing as Black Spider (confirming Quinn's suspicions), although she got subjected to electrocution again by Riddler by accident due to Batman throwing a batarang into his arm. She was later saved by Deadshot and evacuated with the rest of the Suicide Squad after Joker burst in. She then returned to Joker, revealing she was manipulating the mission to ensure his escape. After Deadshot and the Joker confronted one another, the latter escaped through the laundry chute with Harley, with Joker proceeding to activate the dirty bomb inside Harley's mallet.

She reappeared on the helicopter with Joker where the latter proceeded to threaten Deadshot. She hesitated to pull the trigger when picking up Joker's gun, although she was forced to break off from shooting either of them to regain control of the unmanned chopper (due to Joker and Deadshot getting into a fight), causing her to pilot the chopper very dangerously due to not being experienced with piloting it (with Joker even remarking on it by telling Deadshot "You know she's going to kill us, right?"). To make matters worse for her, Batman also arrived on her tail in the Batwing, and was eventually forced to utilize everything she had in a failed attempt to dissuade the caped crusader's pursuit.

She was then forced out the chopper by Batman into an office building while the chopper, with Deadshot and Joker still in it, crashed into the area two floors above the same building. Harley Quinn then ended up fighting Batman in a frenzy, being sick and tired of his actions against her, as Batman attempted to disarm the bomb in her mallet. However, she was knocked out by him, with Batman proceeding to disarm the bomb just as Joker is defeated by Deadshot and trapped inside the chopper to fall down into the street. Presumably, Harley Quinn ended up locked up at Arkham Asylum for real afterwards.

A Matter of Family

Years into their battles with Batman and his various sidekicks, Joker and Harley eventually formulated a brutal plan to murder Batgirl and the third Robin, Tim Drake, after Joker's abduction and torture of Jason Todd, who eventually descended into the Arkham Knight. They knew that they needed the perfect location to embark on such an agenda; a desolate area that was custom made to suit their needs. To this end, they targeted a billionaire industrialist and oil baron named Edward Burke, who had the resources, finances, and just the right amount of tragedy in his life needed to complete their plans.

With Harley and Joker disguised as Dr. Harleen Quinzel and alias, Jack White, respectively and knowing that Burke's young five year-old daughter, Katie, has been battling a case of cancer for years, Harley approached him and introduced him to 'Mr. White'. The pair eventually convinced the man to use his resources to construct an amusement park for his young daughter, as a way of uplifting her spirits. Joker helped Burke outline the blueprints for the park, formulating many of the layouts and attractions himself, in preparation for his plans to come, while Harley became Burke's psychiatrist to help him cope with his tragic situation, allowing the villains full access to manipulate Burke's emotions.

With encouragement from Harley, Burke retired from his job and worked on the park full-time, spending time with his daughter at the hospital and using drawings she made as inspiration for rides at the park, promising his daughter that she would be the first to see the park before it opens. However, when Katie's condition worsened, Joker referred Burke to Dr. Penelope Young, an aspiring therapist who was currently working at Arkham Asylum. Unknown to Burke and Dr. Young, Joker has also been manipulating the young woman under the same alias for several other plans he was cooking up at Arkham Asylum and knew that, while her medication would help Katie in the short-term, allowing him the time needed to complete the amusement park, it would eventually worsen her condition and ensure a slow and painful death.

Eventually, Burke was able to complete the Seagate Park as his daughter seemed to finally be doing better, built off the coast of Gotham City atop one of his oil rigs, with the only setback being several inspectors threatening to shut the park down due to safety issues. In response, Joker murdered the inspectors, telling Burke that he managed to convince them to approve of the park, and was able to complete their project once and for all. However, Dr. Young's experimental medications finally began to take their toll on Katie as Joker instructed Dr. Young, not knowing of the true danger held within her drugs due to Joker's contamination and saw the girl as a useful test subject to further her own research, to triple her dosage of "special meds". As planned, this accelerated Katie's cancer and caused a much more slow, painful, and agonizing death for the young girl.

Joker, still posing as Jack White, blamed Burke for his own daughter's death as he implied that Gotham General, the hospital she staying out prior to meeting Joker and Harley, was not the proper place to check Katie into. He managed to convince Burke to give him the lease for the park, now that his motivation and daughter are both gone, as Harleen reaffirmed to the man that his pain and misery will never go away. Pulling the last string, Joker convinced Burke to commit suicide and gave him his own medical pills to ensure a quick and peaceful death.

Burke agreed, but when he took the pills in his office at the park, it was revealed that they were laced with Joker's laughing toxin, causing Burke to slowly and painfully die with a smile on his face on his bed, just as he finally realized the truth of his former friend. The park was left unopened due to never receiving a permit as Joker murdered the inspectors and Edward Burke's status was officially marked as "missing" by the GCPD due to a body never being found. Unknown to the authorities, Joker left Burke's corpse to rot away within the office, with the body eventually being reduced to a mere skeleton, as he converted the park into a new base of operations.

With the park now under their complete control, Joker, Harley, and dozens of their followers attacked the GCPD and abducted Commissioner Gordon and over a dozen police officers. At least one of these unfortunate officers was brutally tortured and murdered by Joker, who proceeded to wear his blood stained uniform. Acting as a hostage, Joker had several of his men guard him at one of their hideouts and waited for Batgirl to show-up, who was working off a tip that came from one of Joker's followers. Arriving at the hideout and defeating all of Joker's men, Batgirl is startled and frightened when she realizes the apparent officer she was rescuing was the Joker, having never faced the psychopath without Batman at her side.

Taunting her, Joker informed Batgirl that Commissioner Gordon and several of his officers are being held hostage at the Seagate Amusement Park and only she and Robin were allowed to rescue him, threatening to murder Gordon if Batman is made aware of the situation. With all the pieces lined up, Joker escapes and allows Batgirl to go to the park, predicting that she would also inform Robin due to her inexperience with such a situation. Believing that Batman's sidekicks distract him from the villain's plans and game of cat and mouse, Joker hoped that the death of Batman's remaining sidekicks would allow their battles to revert to their original circumstances of simply being between him and the Dark Knight.

Transforming the park into a death trap, setting off sections to blow with explosives and laughing toxin, and holding the various police officers hostage, some of whom were viciously tortured and murdered and, with the holiday of Valentine's Day approaching, Joker and Harley planned to kill both Batgirl and Robin as a twisted holiday gift for Batman, who was still coping with the loss of Jason. As Batgirl and Robin made their way to the park on the lifts and rescued an officer being held hostage, Joker fired an RPG at them, sacrificing several of his henchmen in the process

Arriving at the derelict park, Tim and Barbara were forced to fight off scores of Joker's followers, navigate through death traps, deactivate the time bombs, and ultimately face off against Joker and Harley in a showdown. Despite the overwhelming odds, Joker and Harley were eventually defeated by Batgirl and Robin's combined efforts and their plans of further destroying Batman's family were ruined. Unfortunately, as police raid the park, Joker used Harley as a hostage and, after a failed attempt on Robin's life, jumped off the oil rig and opened a parachute, escaping onto shore and into the night, leaving Harley to be arrested and returned to Arkham Asylum.

Road to Arkham


Roughly a year after the events at the Seagate Park, Joker's ultimate plans, years in the making, finally took shape at Arkham Asylum in the form of the Titan Project, headed by his pawn, Penelope Young. The project entailed researching and creating a chemical compound to bolster patients' strength in order to cope with more extreme therapies, while Dr. Young also saw the prospect of breeding a unique class of meta-humans for profit. Joker specifically planned to use the completed Titan formula to create an army of monsters under his complete control to destroy Gotham and finish his battles with Batman.

Continuing to manipulate Dr. Young under the alias Jack White, Joker funded the project through underground channels and pulled the strings to have Bane transferred to the asylum in order to drain him of his Venom to use as the foundation for the Titan serum. After Dr. Young learned that Joker and Jack White were one and the same, she had a change of heart and sent the villain back his money. In response, Joker escaped from the asylum, and plotted an Arkham riot to obtain the formula and create the army himself.

As part of the villain's schemes, Harley gradually convinced the asylum staff that she was reforming and was eventually allowed to aid in their day to day operations, gaining access to restricted sections of the asylum in the process. Joker would eventually stage a fire at Blackgate via an inside agent in order to transfer hundreds of his crew to the asylum, while Harley quietly released several inmates who were aware and part of Joker's plans, including Scarecrow and Zsasz.

Already sneaking about in Arkham Asylum, Harley made her way to Bane's holding room in order to sedate him. The reason for this was to keep him quiet when the "visitors" arrive. She then went and sat in the security control room, watching the monitors and awaiting the Joker's arrival for incarceration as her signal.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Nurse Harley Quinn

Whilst Batman was escorting the Joker through the Intensive Care unit of Arkham Asylum, Harley was already in the security control room. As the Joker broke free, she opened the adjacent security field allowing him to escape Batman and implement his takeover of Arkham. The Joker then proceeded to release all his followers from their cells to attack Batman. Harley then took Warden Quincy Sharp hostage, taking possession of his decorative cane as well as wearing his warden identification card, and contacted Batman via monitor. She claimed that the Joker was now in charge of the island and she was substituting for Sharp as warden. She also told Batman that Joker was having a homecoming party with Batman as the guest of honor.

Batman gave Harley one chance to surrender, which she refused before smashing her monitor with Sharp's cane, cutting off the feed. When Batman made his way to the elevator shaft, Harley appeared, stating that the Joker didn't need to see Batman just yet. She proceeded to blow up the elevator cord, causing the elevator to crash to the floor below and sending herself to the top, nearly killing a security guard named Henry Smith had Batman not saved him. Harley then regrouped with Frank Boles, who had taken Commissioner Gordon hostage. She and Boles proceeded to secure the front entrance of the Intensive Treatment Center and fight off the guards with an army of Blackgate prisoners. After Boles, who had outlived his usefulness, had been disposed of by the Joker, Harley took Gordon and carried on without him.

Batman finds Harley, but cannot reach her yet.

Quinn, with Gordon, made her way to the Batmobile first, ordering her goons to break into it. She then proceeded to the Medical Center and sat in the main entrance with Gordon tied to a bench by her, relaxing during her "me time". Batman eventually tracked Gordon to the entrance and found Harley humming to herself, but was unable to reach her due to an energy security gate blocking her. Spotting Batman as he walked in, she told him to scram. He asked where Gordon was, to which she replied "Wouldn't you like to know?". Gordon then shouted to Batman, and Harley told him to shut up and threw a glass mug at him.

He then called Harley a "crazy bitch". Joker contacted Harley via monitor and she squealed in a startled tone. Joker asked why Batman was in the Medical Center, as it was "too early". Harley apologized and kissed Joker through the monitor, asking him not to be angry with her. He then said "You little minx! I could never stay mad at you!" and turned off the monitor. Harley then said that Batman needed to find another way in and bid him farewell, cartwheeling out of the room. She took Gordon to Bane's holding area, given orders by the Joker to kill Gordon if anyone spotted Batman nearby.

Harley beats Sharp with his own cane causing it to break.

Batman followed a trail of tobacco left by Gordon to the Medical Wing, defeating Harley by crashing through the glass ceiling above her, and rescuing Gordon. Harley, however, evaded capture after Bane attacked Batman. Harley made her way back to Warden Sharp and followed Batman to Arkham Mansion. She came across Batman stunned on the floor after the large explosion in the Warden's office killed Dr. Young, making an empty remark of pity and expressing how Joker "hates a squealer".

She then took the tape off of Sharp's mouth and smacked him around with his cane, accidentally breaking off the jewel tip of it after aggressively striking him on the head. She left a few goons to take Batman to 'the party', but he defeated them and used the Warden's DNA traces from his severed cane tip to follow Quinn. She then made her way to the Penitentiary with the Warden, forcing him to read a variety of threatening statements written by Joker over Arkham's intercom system and torturing him when he hesitated and insulted her.

Harley with Poison Ivy, just before releasing her.

After locating the Warden locked up in an abandoned control room, Batman saw Harley on a nearby monitor, passing Poison Ivy's cell. Despite not being on the 'party list', Poison Ivy convinced Harley to let her free. As Ivy happily strode away and blew Harley a kiss, Harley sighed and said "She's a good kid."

Batman followed Harley and surpassed a variety of her traps until there were few goons left standing. Harley even electrified the pacification system on the asylum floor to the maximum power to stop his advance, electrocuting a security guard as a demonstration. Batman eventually got past this obstacle and fought his way through the remaining Blackgate convicts and escaped mental patients before the fifteen remaining thugs attacked Batman in the Extreme Incarceration cell block.

After they were defeated, The Joker decided that Harley had failed him, removing Harley from the 'party list', much to her annoyance. Out of anger, Harley used her acrobatic skills to attack Batman but was defeated with ease. Batman took Harley's 'party list' and scanned her hand, acquiring her fingerprints.

Batman imprisons Harley within a cell

Batman locked up Harley in an adjacent cell, with Harley accidentally revealing the Joker's location and claiming he would rescue her. Batman left Harley crying alone in her cell. After walking into a nearby room to examine a glowing green trophy placed there by Riddler, Batman became trapped inside after the a set of bars slid over the doorway. Harley then taunted him: "The stupid bat has fallen into my trap!", suggesting that she had Riddler place the trophy in there to trap him. Batman used his Explosive Gel to destroy the wall above the cell and climbed out back into the cell block, prompting a shocked Quinn to give a violent start and demand, "What? How did you get out of there!?"

It can be safely assumed that Quinn was escorted back to her usual cell by the surviving Arkham staff upon the Joker's final defeat.

After Arkham

Harley and Joker confront Lester Kurtz.

Six month's later, Harley has been incarcerated in a high security cell, believing the rampant rumors that the Joker is dying to be false. However her hopes are soon shattered when she overhears a conversation between some guards not only confirming the Joker's short lifespan but also a conspiracy to have him killed. With this she kills and replaces one of the guards planning to kill Joker and rescues him right in the middle of the attempt on his life.

With this she hijacks a supply boat and uses it to sneak into the recently completed Arkham City, setting up her and Joker's base of operations in an abandoned factory. According to Hugo Strange, Joker's inevitable fate is having a hard impact on her causing her to fall into a depression and adopting an increasing militant approach. Later on she is shown helping Joker with his recruitment campaign screening a potential recruit Lester Kurtz, giving him his clown mask, and showing him to his room before he ran off.

Harley Quinn and her henchman jumped some inmates for their meds but were defeated by Robin. In another issue, it is shown she had a great deal of jealousy for Scarface, who was much more entertaining to the Joker. "By accident", she dropped the dummy into a furnace and apologized. Another copy of the dummy was brought out and Joker used it to point at Harley as if to say "I'm watching you" showing he's enjoying messing with her mind.

When Joker was put on trial by Two-Face, Harley appeared as his lawyer. After Joker was proclaimed guilty and sentenced to death, Batman arrived and the entire court turned to chaos, allowing Joker and Quinn to escape with their gang.

Batman: Arkham City

"What's wrong with you, B-man? You come into Mista J's home and just start smashing it to pieces! Don't you know he's sick?"
―Harley Quinn[src]

Harley Quinn has taken over many of the duties of leading the Joker's gang due to his illness and is more vicious and deadly than previously because of her anger regarding the Joker's health. Harley even supervised the kidnapping of Nora Fries, wife of Mr. Freeze. Shortly after Batman rescues Catwoman from Two-Face, Harley launches an attack on the Arkham City Medical Center and kidnaps one of the doctors, taking her to Joker's Funland in the old Sionis Industries compound, and also implies that the last doctor got executed for failure to find a cure.

When Batman comes for her, Harley is watching over the doctor she kidnapped nearly be executed by Mr. Hammer for failure, until she declares a change of plans and has them execute the medic via the roller coaster. When Batman revealed himself and defeated her gang, she scolds Batman and later disappears into Joker's private office, sealing it behind her, although she also encounters Clayface-Joker and briefly mistakes him for the actual Joker before realizing her mistake, causing Joker to hush her.

When Batman arrives, Harley is crying over the dead body of the Joker only to reveal that it was a trap and attacks Batman alongside Joker.

Batman finds Harley tied-up

With Batman infected with the same poison that is killing Joker, Harley keeps an eye on the Dark Knight as he tries to save Mr. Freeze from Penguin. After his rescue and the creation of a cure, Harley steals it and returns it to the Joker. The Joker, feeling revitalized, starts acting like his old self again and resumes his love hate relationship with Harley. While pursuing Joker to retrieve the cure, Batman finds Harley bound and gagged outside of Joker's office.

Batman leaves her and continues after Joker. In actuality, she wasn't able to deliver the cure to the Joker, as Talia al Ghul had intercepted her and stolen it, as well as tying her up outside Joker's office before she could get the chance to deliver it.

Harley was present outside the Monarch Theatre as Batman carried the lifeless body of the Joker out of it and out of Arkham City. She then dropped to her knees sobbing uncontrollably at the sight. It is implied by guards that she has taken over Joker's operations; nonetheless, her position is tenuous as many believe she would not last without the Joker's support and many members voice desires to defect from the gang or usurp her (some gang members even voice plans to rape her, implying her life is in greater danger then she realizes).

Harley Quinn's Revenge

"Harley Quinn's preparing for some kind of siege. What's she planning?"

Immediately following Joker's death, Harley regrouped the clown's gang and staged a trap for officers arriving at Arkham City for payback for Joker's death, but was quickly knocked out by officers and taken into custody. While at a psychiatric ward as Arkham Asylum was being prepared to be reopened, Harley managed to escape and stole explosives from the GCPD, and reunited Joker's gang at the Industrial District in the ruins of Arkham. Ambushing SWAT forces that had been sweeping through the city to find any more thugs to evacuate to Blackgate Prison, Quinn's forces kidnapped two police officers, and kept the district under lockdown from the GCPD, forcing Commissioner Gordon to stage a stakeout on the area. Summoning Batman, Gordon explained about the hostages and Batman enters the district to rescue them, and makes his way to the Steel Mill to find one of two cops. Discovering Harley had a secret base in the shipyard, the Dark Knight interrogates her thugs for information on the base and eventually finds an entrance, as the second cop remains inside.

Harley Quinn's Revenge.

When the Caped Crusader arrived and rescued two of the officers, Quinn wounded Batman and locked him in an air-tight glass ball in a giant memorial for her beloved. Two days later, Robin arrived and began making his way at the docks and finds Batman's utility belt.

Traveling deeper into the docks, Robin eventually comes face-to-face with Batman in the giant Joker shrine, and fights Harley and her henchmen to retrieve her key card to unlocking the ball keeping Batman captive. Returning to the shrine, Quinn unleashes a Titan-enhanced thug on Robin, who defeats it and frees the Caped Crusader. Harley then activates the next step in her plan; rigging the area with GCPD-stolen bombs, forcing Batman to hunt them down while Robin rescues the other police officers.

"This is for you, Mr. J!"

Realizing she's close to defeat, Quinn calls Batman back to the shrine where her final plan begins- activating the Wonder City mechanical guardians (stolen by the Joker during Protocol Ten) and watching from the ten-foot Joker structure the fight ensuing. Destroying the robots, the Dark Knight then heads for Harley Quinn, who, in her last, final step of revenge activates the bomb hidden in the Joker structure, planning to kill both Batman, Robin and even herself, to reunite her with her beloved.

Batman is able to get Quinn and himself to safety, but soon fears that Robin was caught in the explosion. Harley relishes in Batman's anguish and moves to stab him in the heart to finish her revenge, only to be knocked out cold by one of Robin's projectiles as the young hero reveals himself to be alive and well. Harley Quinn is once again arrested by Gordon while Batman leaves, still scarred from Talia and Joker's death, but Robin assures Gordon that Batman will be fine. With Harley's plans ruined, her gang is rounded up by the Gotham Police and Arkham City is finally, officially shut down for good.

After Arkham City

After her plans for revenge were foiled by Batman and Robin, Quinn was incarcerated in Stone Ridge Penitentiary alongside the remainder of Arkham City's former residents, where she found herself still haunted by her boyfriend's demise. Determined to overcome her sorrow, Harley dedicated herself to moving on from the ghosts of her past, intending to start fresh as the Joker would want her to and ensuring his legacy is remembered in Gotham for eternity.

Arkham knight prequel.png

After Commissioner Gordon is infected with Joker Toxin as a part of the clown's post-mortem scheme, Batman brought Quinn into the ruins of Arkham City, hoping she could provide the antidote hidden in her old headquarters, the Sionis Steel Mill. Feigning guilt over her past crimes and a need to atone for them, Harley revealed its location, secretly leading the Caped Crusader into a trap as she had recruited Killer Croc into guarding the chemicals during her final moments within the mega-prison. With Batman presumably dealt with, Quinn escaped into Gotham and located the Penguin, recovering from the fateful night in Arkham City, where she forged a partnership between their gangs, sealing the deal with a kiss.

Months later, after she and Cobblepot allied with Scarecrow in his plot to destroy Gotham and its vigilante, Harley traveled to Bludhaven to free Poison Ivy from imprisonment, fighting against the local police force.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Harley Quinn, nine months later, while in control of Joker's gang

Nine months after Joker's death and cremation, as well as the shutdown of Arkham City, Quinn would remain in firm control of the late villain's gang. Despite several members abandoning her plans, Quinn was able to lead hundreds of Joker's men in gangs war with Penguin's army and upholding the Clown Prince of Crime's legacy. Eventually however, Quinn forged a manipulative partnership with Cobblepot, as she realized that the resources he held, as well as his connections to Gotham's criminal underworld, would come in handy.

Eventually, this alliance paid off, as Crane contacted both of them and requested to meet with him at his current hideout in Chinatown. Despite reservations from Penguin, Scarecrow also insisted that Quinn break out Poison Ivy from the lockup within the Blüdhaven police department, believing that Ivy would be an invaluable asset to his plans and Harley's relationship with her would help to facilitate an alliance.

Harley did as instructed and broke into the police department, leaving a trail of chaos and death behind her, while also battling her remaining, inner morality (in the form of Harleen). After fending off Nightwing, who arrived in response to the incident, with the help of Ivy's plants, Quinn escorted Ivy to the meeting being conducted by Scarecrow, which also included Two-Face, Penguin, and the Riddler. After introducing them to the Arkham Knight, a new villain within Gotham with an intense hatred of Batman and plans of his own for revenge, and proposing that all the villains collaborate in order to finally destroy Batman on Halloween night, Scarecrow gave each villain time to think about his proposal.

Calling one, final meeting within the abandoned ruins of Arkham Asylum, which Scarecrow has since converted into a base of operations, Crane outlined his plans and asked for everyone's loyalty in his schemes. However, upon Scarecrow contacting Ivy, she revealed she had no interest in his vendetta against Batman and refused to work him. Scarecrow then decided to capture her and use her in an experiment to test his fear toxin, while Harley worked on her own agenda.

Quinn was previously contacted by a man by the name of Henry Adams, the principal of McCallum Academy, one of Gotham's most prestigious schools, who claimed that he was one of the thousands who received Joker's tainted blood nine months earlier. Revealing that, since he was not cured in time to stop the blood from gestating, he was slowly turning into Joker himself. After verifying his claim with Joker's signature, sadistic humor, Harley agreed to assist him in a plan to locate the other Joker infected by manipulating Batman.

The other Joker infected were Queen Industries executive board member, Christina Bell, professional singer Jonathan Brown, better known under his stage name, Johnny Charisma, and former professional heavyweight fighter and champion, Albert King, also known as the Goliath. By the time the cure was administered to them, the Joker's blood already became assimilated into their bloodstream and with it, his consciousness. With the villain's blood containing both the Titan serum and the chemicals and toxins that transformed the villain into his colorful appearance, the transfusions create a heavily mutated disease that infects the brain and compels its victims to act similar in mind to the original host, the Joker. Now nothing but imitations of the Clown Prince of Crime, these individuals performed violent mass murders and acts of extreme sadism and megalomania.

Christina Bell murdered eleven of her fellow board members during a shareholders' meeting by slitting each of their throats with a knife and carving a Glasgow grin into their faces, inheriting Joker's obsession with Batman in the process. Albert King inherited Joker's love for sadistic violence and ripped off the arms of three members of his immediate family after forcing them into an arm wrestling competition, using their blood to make a Joker-like grin on his face. Lastly, Johnny Charisma severely beat one of his groupies into a coma as he inherited Joker's massive ego and love for attention and showmanship. Batman was eventually able to quarantine them underground in an abandoned movie theaters complex he had previously purchased as Bruce Wayne and converted into a safety facility.

However, Joker's ultimate trump card came in the massive transfusion he performed on Batman within Arkham City, as the Joker truly lusted to take control of his mind, body, and resources, lock the hero's consciousness away in a tiny corner of his own mind, and ultimately become one with his eternal nemesis. While Batman was cured of the Titan disease the same night he was infected, the massive amounts of blood Joker pumped into his body, later revealed to be nearly three pints (stated among the many comments by the Joker hallucination), made it impossible for the cure to isolate and prevent Joker's blood from gestating and only succeeded in eliminating the fatal Titan chemicals.

As Henry predicted, Batman eventually made contact with him and forcibly escorted him to the quarantine zone, where the other infected were being held until a cure could be developed. With a manipulative and self-aware personality, Henry was able to withstand the physical changes caused by Joker's blood until the appropriate moment presented itself and fool Batman into believing the principal was immune.

While Harley believed Henry's goal was to free and consolidate the other Jokers with her gang and unleash a wave of chaos upon the world, his true objective, under the Joker virus urges, was to use Harley in an elaborate scheme to locate and murder the other hosts as a sadistic method of 'purifying the Joker gene pool', as the villain had already found his perfect host. Unknown to Henry, the perfect host was actually Batman himself, with the unfortunate man being nothing more than another knockoff by comparison ensuring Joker's image is upheld in the manner that only the Clown Prince of Crime sees fit.

When the time was right, Henry switched the security measures to allow Harley and her gang entry into the base in order to release the other Joker-infected victims and kill Robin. As her gang attempted to murder Robin, Harley took complete control of the zone and redecorated portions of it to resemble a shrine to the Joker and her eternal love for the mass murdering psychopath, similar to her actions nine months prior in Arkham City. Seeing the infected as her children and the next generation of Joker, Harley viewed them as her last chance to have a trace of the villain in her life and planned to embark on sprees of chaos and destruction with them. However, upon being alerted of the situation by Henry in order to draw him into a trap, Batman heads to the movie theaters to neutralize all the Joker-infected and apprehend Harley and her gang.

As Harley's gang consolidate their hold over the complex, three of the Joker-infected begin to embark on their own agendas with the support of Harley's men and equipment. Christina Bell has several gang members patrol the corridors that comprise the haunted house set, after shooting one dead, knowing full well that Batman was coming to rescue her. Albert King set up a makeshift fighting ring within the western-style set, beating three of Harley's gang to death as he waited for Batman to arrive, intent to brutalize him to a bloody pulp.

Lastly, Johnny Charisma took control of the sound stage, set up dynamite packs throughout the room, and strapped himself to a bomb-vest as he sang to Batman, with the hero actually seeing Joker singing to him due to the villain's blood and fear toxin in his systems, taunting the death of his parents, allies, and Talia. Despite these obstacles, Batman is able to defeat all of Harley's men and recapture the Joker-infected with the aid of Robin.

However, Henry reveals his hand and, after cruelly taking Harley hostage, murders the rest of the Jokers with a gun, believing them to be shames to the original. Henry then draws his gun on Batman, as Joker's influence becomes stronger on the Dark Knight, with Joker's consciousness commenting throughout the entire course of events in Batman's mind. Joker then declares that, though Henry is an impressive host for him, he still can not compare to Batman, as a small portion of Henry's previous persona surfaces, and uses his consciousness to influence Henry into committing suicide, resulting in all four innocent hosts having their lives ruined and taken by the same influence.

Batman contains Harley, now emotionally broken, to one of the quarantine cells as her gang disbands once and for all. With her emotional stability once again broken, her plans for revenge spoiled, and Joker gone once and for all, as his remaining consciousness would be locked within Batman's mind for eternity after the hero overcomes his nemesis for the final time, Harley lost all motivation to continue in upholding the villain's legacy, while the rest of her gang broke off from her all together and disbanded. Joker's legacy ultimately dissolved into nothing, with his plans ruined beyond repair, Gotham finally at peace, and Quinn behind bars once and for all.

Harley Quinn also appeared within Joker's toxin induced hallucination, where she was the only attendee of Joker's "funeral", where she sobbed uncontrollably over the Joker's demise, much to Joker's bafflement and confusion, especially when there was barely any attendees. Despite this, she largely ignored his demanding to know why the funeral was underattended. Later in the same hallucination, Harley was revealed in a newspaper article to have not only married the Riddler, but also was expecting a child with him, implying that even Harley Quinn ultimately managed to let go of the Joker.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

Harley Quinn when she and the Squad realize that they're going to kill Superman.

Set sometime after the events of Arkham Knight, Harley Quinn was released and re-inducted back into the Suicide Squad to participate in another high-risk mission in exchange for a shorter prison sentence. She and the Squad are sent into Metropolis by Amanda Waller, where they find the city being invaded by Brainiac, who has brainwashed and taken control of the Justice League, including Superman, who, much to The Squad's chagrin, is one the targets they're supposed to take down.


Originally harbouring a strong fascination towards criminality because of her father being one, Harleen Quinzel was a compassionate, if not starry-eyed woman who wished to help cure criminally insane individuals like Calender Man and the Joker, displaying kindness to both such as writing "happy holidays" to Day in his cell and greatly protesting the decision to execute the Calender Man. However, she was naive, overestimated her own abilities and was overzealous enough in her desire to cure, what she perceived as helpless people, such as the Joker that she blinded herself to his evil nature and he was cunning enough to fool her into feeling affection for him.

Upon accepting that she was in love with the Joker, Quinzel gave her sanity and heart to the madman. Suffering from delusional transference, her new beliefs is that she is in love with Joker and he is truly in love with her in spite of all evidence to the contrary. The Joker also exploited her former ideals and naivety by victimising himself and although she initially met him on the provence that he was brutalised by police, Quinzel completely bought that the world was at fault with Joker rather than he himself was due to anything harmful coming his way, ignoring his utterly depraved and remorseless personality that he displayed throughout therapy sessions. Growing disgusted how society would disregard a mentally debilitated individual like him and how Batman utterly beat him to near-death, having previously been told by Joker himself he was the true hero of Gotham, Quinzel could no longer bring herself to help society based on how her ideals were corrupted and her mental state began to destabilise due to the Joker's prolonged influence on her psyche, now her only purpose was to assist her "puddin'" by rebuilding herself as his sidekick, Harley Quinn.

Whilst as Harley Quinn, Quinzel displayed many traits that were unusual given how she used to be a decorated psychiatrist beforehand. Although usually cheerful, she was now mentally broken and highly sadistic, unintelligent and failed to reserve herself in speech and battle presumably adopting this persona to appease her love interest. For Joker, she would have burnt down the world and almost did, with the basis of her schemes and poorly-thought out plans to gain any scrap of aknowledgement from the mad clown, but never did. Tragically, Quinzel threw away her promising life to be in a relationship which was, at its best, abusive and, aside from the time she was callously abandoned during the siege on Arkham Asylum, the Joker kept her by his side solely for an entertaining distraction as his plaything to be beaten and used whenever he felt like it. Her loyalty to the Joker was such that even his death did not have her abandoning the Joker for another, as indicated by her refusal to Cobblepot's offer to have her act as one of his paid harems.

Although she displayed utter dependence on the Joker to tell her what to do and when to act in the stages of his plans, when he was on his deathbed and could no longer lead his troops, Quinzel took command and later when he died took full control, even having her men dress in the same colour drab and similar-looking outfits as her. By the time of Scarecrow's terror threat, she was respected and even feared by most of her men, which is ironic as most of them believed she wouldn't last at all when Joker finally died. Without Joker to hold her back, Quinzel became her own woman and crime lord, becoming much more smarter and regaining her independence and common sense than when he was alive, being able to locate Batman's secret computer in the Panesa Movie Studios but still displayed a level of dependence on Henry Adam when it was revealed he was Joker-infected. While entering her mad state, there was writing on the wall indicating some sanity and pleas to stop, implying that traces of her old character were not only still existent in her, but also that it is attempting to fight back. According to Quinzel while arguing with Cobblepot during her jailbreak of Poison Ivy, loudness was her default setting and thus she couldn't rely on stealth attacks when taking out guards.

Quinzel went through several costume changes throughout the Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Knight incident, the first two being connected to the ongoings that occurred in Joker's plans. Her original costume was reminiscent to that of a nurse due to the stage of his plans occuring within an asylum but became considerably darker and harsher in appearance, designed to reflect on her stress and declining sanity over stress of the Joker's poor health. Both costumes demonstrate Quinzel's willingness to use her sexuality as a weapon to get what she wants and also to make the Joker happy as he often engaged in sex with her as a means of distraction. In addition she has a playfully and somewhat sadistic flirtatious side to her personality to mislead and also intimidate her enemies, like placing her leg on Quincy Sharp's lap when the latter was held captive, twirling her hair whilst meeting with Batman, claiming there was a "spark" between them and occasionally blowing kisses in Batman's direction or posing flirtatiously.

Similar to Joker, she had a deeply dark sense of humour and found mindless chaos and violence utterly hilarious but was slightly more childish such as relating to shock-related puns after activating an electrical gauntlet between her and Batman.

In Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, though she continues to retain her chaotic and dangerous demeanor, Harley has become somewhat more cheerful and mischievious than she was in the previous Arkham games. It may be implied that this might be because she may have finally gotten over Joker's death, but still believes herself to be in love with him. However, it could be possible that through the progression of the game's story, she might finally realize that The Joker never had any romantic interest for her and will break ties with him once and for all.

Physical description

Batman: Arkham Origins

During Arkham Origins, Harleen's outfit was much more sensible than that of the later games, as she was working at Blackgate Prison and hadn't started her dark life of crime. Her uniform consisted of colors similar to her outfits as Harley, yet lacked a lot of the design elements. Harleen’s hair was in a bun, with her hair pushed to the left side of her face, instead of the trademark twin ponytails. She wore a white coat over a red blouse, with her name tag pinned on the left side of her chest. She wore black pants and a black skirt, with black stockings and red heels.

Batman: Assault on Arkham

In Harley’s next appearance her outfit was considerably different, with a headpiece similar to that worn by her animated counterpart. Her top was a checked tank top, which exposed her midriff and navel, as well as a loose black glove on her left hand, and a black sleeve on her right. She wore black and red pants, with a red diamond pattern on the right, and a loose belt with a diamond buckle. She wore black boots that ended halfway between her knee and ankle as shoes.

Batgirl: A Matter of Family

Harley wore her original black and red jester outfit that was the same from the DC animated universe, except her shoes were heeled rather than being flat.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

The Arkham Asylum rendition of Harley's costume was similar to that of a nurse, with a red, white, black and purple color scheme. Her hair was in the twin ponytails that was most common, albeit without the black and red dye. Harley had a large amount of makeup, as her face was entirely white, with pink blush and red lipstick. This version included a mask, as well as the name tag of Quincy Sharp. Her clothing consisted of a white shirt, with a purple and red corset over it, as well as a black choker necklace. She had gloves that ended above the elbow, which were both red and purple, albeit in opposite order. Harley had a small gap between her top and skirt, which showed her navel. Her belt was a thick black leather one, with a gold square buckle. Her skirt was white and had what appeared to be blood on it. There was a gap between Harley's skirt and boots, in which her fishnet stockings were able to be seen. The boots she wore were leather in appearance, with a purple one on the left, and red on the right. On the bottom of her boots were thick platforms. This appearance has received a largely negative response from both fans and critics due to its extreme departure from Harley's previous looks.

Batman: Arkham City

Harley’s outfit was much rougher looking, losing the nurse-like items, mask and name tag. The color scheme was also solely red and black this time, but apart from these differences she remained similar. She still had her black choker, vest and corset combo, gloves and boots. The latter, however, had no longer had the platforms. Her hair was in two ponytails, the ends of each were dyed in either red or black. The corset piece was identical to the Arkham Asylum one, and the gloves were similar, however she had diamond patterns on the top of her hands. Her belt was largely the same, but with a more rounded, silver buckle. She wore black and red tights, with the diamond pattern on the front of her thighs. Her boots were identical in design to her previous designs, however, they lacked the platforms. She also had a tattoo on her right arm and above her left thigh, which was likely to have been acquired in the mega prison.

Harley Quinn's Revenge

Harley's outfit was the same as in the base game, however, it was a different color. Her hair was black, with the tip of her left one dyed red. Her white makeup was gone, and her eye makeup had been smudged and was running down her cheeks. She had a small silver medallion on her choker, and what appeared to be fur lacing her gloves. Her corset was majorly black, with thin red stripes. Her gloves were completely black, save for her right hand, which was still red. The belt she wore was also different, with red leather, and her tights were completely black except for one group of red diamonds. Her boots were red at the knee and foot, with her lower leg entirely black.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Harley appeared to draw elements from both Arkham Asylum and City. Her neck choker had a metal hoop, to which more leather straps from her arms went to, as well as more looping around each shoulder. Her sleeves and collar were white, and seemed to be the same style as Arkham Asylum had. The corset had been changed, and was quilted leather. She had two more leather straps around her stomach, those ones had metal studs in them. She was wearing a skirt, and it was mostly black, with white lace on the top and bottom. She no longer had gloves, and instead had armbands, with lace around her wrists. The Tattoo on her right arm has been removed as well. The tights she wore were black and red again, and still had diamond patterns on her thigh, but she had a diamond made of metal studs on each knee. Her boots were similar to those featured in Assault on Arkham, but were of two different colors as opposed to one. In her story pack, there is a minor difference to Harley Quinn's outfit from the main game itself. Her hair was slightly different at the fringe, her bobbles were both red in the DLC unlike the main story, and she wore high heeled boots rather than flat ones. Throughout the entire series, Harley Quinn has considerably large breasts, a small waist, and rather wide hips.

Batman's psychological profile

Quinzel is finishing up her psychiatric residency at Blackgate Prison. It seems odd that a student would try to work at a facility that has little desire to rehabilitate its inmates, but perhaps her interest in the criminal mind will bear fruit.

Psychological profile (by Dr. Young)

Art of Harley Quinn by character artist Carlos D'Anda.

Transference is a professional danger that every psychiatrist must be ready for, but Dr. Harleen Quinzel experienced what might be classified as delusional transference where she convinced herself that she and the Joker were in love. Displaying symptoms of bipolar disorder, with the Joker's mood swings as the causative agent for her manic and depressive episodes, Quinzel also shows a high level of dependence on the Joker. His maltreatment of her gives the dependence a dimension of sadomasochism.

Additional notes

She shows signs of extreme regression in the Joker's presence.

The excessive and intensive psychological screening I had to undergo here at Arkham was largely due to her earlier fall from grace. At times I'm resentful of this; the mere idea that I would become inappropriately involved with the Joker or any other inmates is preposterous.


Keep separate from the Joker at all times!!!!

Arkham City Profile: Dr. Hugo Strange

Harley Quinn AC Portrait.png

Harleen Quinzel

A.K.A Harley Quinn

The Joker's plaything and sometimes girlfriend, Harley Quinn was happy to leave Arkham Asylum so long as she could be with her 'puddin.' Her devotion to the Joker is admirable, but it is clear that his illness has laid a heavy burden on her as well. Her behavior has become evermore erratic and vicious, as she appears to be in a state of emotional metamorphosis, manifested by her change in wardrobe to a more militant, harsh appearance.

Dr. Hugo Strange: Side Note

Ms. Quinn’s behavior has become evermore erratic and vicious.

~ Dr. Hugo Strange

Arkham Knight Profile

Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel

An Arkham Asylum psychiatrist assigned to treat the Joker, Dr. Harleen Quinzel fell in love with her patient, assuming a deranged criminal identity of her own. She remained by Joker's side until his death in Arkham City, which she believes to have been at Batman's hands.

Grief-stricken and vengeful, Harley brutally reasserted control of Joker's gang as it threatened to fragment after his demise. Freed from Joker's domineering personality, she's become a dangerous, unpredictable new force in the Gotham City underworld.

Audio Files

Arkham Asylum

Tape One

(Employee Orientation, March 3)

  • Dr. Gretchen Whistler: Harleen Quinzel?
  • Harleen Quinzel: Call me Harley, everyone does.
  • Dr. Gretchen Whistler: I'm surprised you want to intern here at Arkham.
  • Harleen Quinzel: I've always had a thing for extreme personalities. You can't deny there's an element of glamour to these super criminals.
  • Dr. Gretchen Whistler: I'll warn you right now, those are hardcore psychotics. Most would rather kill you than speak to you.
  • Harleen Quinzel: I'm sure I'll be fine, Doctor.
  • Dr. Gretchen Whistler: They'll eat you for breakfast. I mean it, one or two of them will enjoy it too. Be careful.

Tape Two

(Patient interview #1, March 3)

  • Dr. Harleen Quinzel: Patient interview number 1.
  • The Joker: So, I'm your first, am I, toots? You know what they say, you never forget your first time. I'll try to make it memorable for you.
  • Dr. Harleen Quinzel: Oh, you already have. Tell me, why do you do the things you do?
  • The Joker: Why do you think I do it?
  • Dr. Harleen Quinzel: Fame, notoriety, a desire to stand out from the crowd? A wicked sense of humor.
  • The Joker: (gasp) You're good! How did you figure me out, Doc? I've had doctors poking around in here for years and no one was as astute, and if you don't mind my saying, beautiful as you.
  • Dr. Harleen Quinzel: Really? Oh, you're just playing with me.
  • The Joker: Well, you'll never know, will you, unless...
  • Dr. Harleen Quinzel: Unless what? Tell me!

Tape Three

(Patient interview #2, March 4)

  • Dr. Harleen Quinzel: Care to tell me how these got in my office?
  • The Joker: Simple, really. I put them there. Why, don't you like flowers?
  • Dr. Harleen Quinzel: I think the guards would be interested to know you've been out of your cell.
  • The Joker: (laughs) If you really were going to tell, you already would've.
  • Dr. Harleen Quinzel: How do you know I haven't already...?
  • The Joker: Y'know, sweets, I like you. I really do. Even your name. Rework it a bit and we get...
  • Dr. Harleen Quinzel: Harlequin, like the clown, I know. I've heard it before.
  • The Joker: It's a name that puts a smile on my face. It makes me think there's someone here I can relate to. Someone who might like to hear my secrets.
  • Dr. Harleen Quinzel: Really? Go on!
  • The Joker: Not here, my dear, too many ears and eyes. Come back tonight, I'll be ready for you.

Tape Four

(Patient interview #4, March 6)

  • The Joker: He's crazy, you know.
  • Dr. Harleen Quinzel: Who? Batman?
  • The Joker: No, Santa Claus. Of course Batman. Always Batman. I've seen it in his eyes. Screaming mad stalkers. And dishonest, hiding his face behind a fright mask. Well, no masks for me. I have nothing to hide. I laugh at the cruel absurdity of the world. But Batman... Batman, he's got them all fooled. He's made them think he can make a difference. That he can actually make things better. And the Joke of it is, they all believe it.
  • Dr. Harleen Quinzel: The police?
  • The Joker: The police, the media, the frickin' junior rangers, every last sack of walking meat in this urban cesspool. Listen, sweets, Batman knows we're all on the same fun house slide into madness, why won't he admit it? He's up there in his belfry laughing at us. And the real gag is, the miserable liar is allowed to run free while I'm in here.
  • Dr. Harleen Quinzel: That’s really incisive.
  • The Joker: Then you understand, don't you? You know why I do what I have to do. You know Gotham's only real savior... is me.

Tape Five

(Patient interview #11, April 1)

  • Dr. Harleen Quinzel: (whispering) I got what you wanted.
  • The Joker: You did? I mean... good. How did you smuggle it in... Actually, I don't want to know. So, you ready to stop that evil, murdering bat once and for all?
  • Dr. Harleen Quinzel: Of course I am. He needs to pay for what he's done to you.
  • The Joker: Give it here then, quickly. (Sound of a gun cocking a round into the chamber then fires, breaking glass. Asylum alarm sounds. Joker laughs.) C'mon, Doc. We've got ourselves a Bat to kill.
  • Harley Quinn: Uh uh uh. The Doc's out, puddin'. Say hello to your new and improved Harley Quinn. (The Joker and Harley laugh)

Batman Arkham Knight All Harley Quinn Audio Logs-0

Harley Quinn Files

Arkham Knight

File One


  • Harley Quinn: Who's there?
  • Henry Adams: It's Mr. Adams. We spoke on the phone.
  • Harley Quinn: Oh! Come in. But slowly! And keep ya hands up!
  • Henry Adams: Thank you for agreeing to see me, Miss Quinzel.
  • Harley Quinn: Well, you said you know something about Mr. J. Start talking!
  • Henry Adams: Well, it's not everyday I have a gun pointed at my face. It's rather exciting, isn't it.
  • Harley Quinn: You got about two seconds before I blow ya wrinkly old brains out!
  • Henry Adams: (laughing)
  • Harley Quinn: What's so funny?!
  • Henry Adams: Oh, I'm just remembering an old joker - sorry, I meant joke.
  • Harley Quinn: I don't listen to jokes no more.
  • Henry Adams: What's red and flat? A baby under an anvil.
  • Both: (laughing)
  • Henry Adams: Why couldn't the policeman catch the thief? Because his legs had been cut off!
  • Both: (laughing)
  • Henry Adams: A father takes his family to the amusement park. They all die in a car crash on the way home!
  • Harley Quinn: (laughing) You're real funny. You know I ain't laughed like that since... I miss my puddin'.
  • Henry Adams: Oh, poor Harley. I've missed you too.

File Two

  • Batman: Patient interview. October 15th. Please state your name.
  • Henry Adams: Henry. Henry Adams. What is this place, Batman? Where am I?
  • Batman: You're here for your own safety, Henry. You could be sick.
  • Henry Adams: Sick? I've never felt better in my whole life.
  • Batman: You're sure? No mood swings? Behavioral changes?
  • Henry Adams: Absolutely not. Those people, in the other cells, who are they?
  • Batman: Their blood was contaminated. Like yours.
  • Henry Adams: WHAT? I mean, I'm not the only one?
  • Batman: I think you're the key to helping them.
  • Henry Adams: Those smiles. I've seen that before. It's him. The Joker.
  • Batman: We'll find a cure, Henry.
  • Henry Adams: We're in danger, Batman. You can't risk that kind of evil escaping into the world. You should kill them, all of them. It's the only way to be sure.
  • Batman: That's all for now, Henry. Interview over.

File Three

Note, the tape does not have subtitles

  • Henry Adams: Mrs. Q, this is Mr. J. Come in. Over.
  • Harley Quinn: Hearing you loud and clear, Mr. J.
  • Henry Adams: My infiltration remains utterly flawless. Operation Puddin-Break is a "go."
  • Harley Quinn: Yippee! How are my babies?
  • Henry Adams: They're in rude health, my dear. All dying to meet mommy. Now, you remember the plan, don't you?
  • Harley Quinn: Yeah. I really don't want to hit you over the head, though. It's gonna hurt.
  • Henry Adams: We've been over this you little knuckle-buster! It's the only way to convince Batman that I'm to be trusted. You do want to kill him, don't you?
  • Harley Quinn: YEAH! Okay!
  • Henry Adams: Ohh, ackatash! Bird-boy's coming. See you soon. Mr. J, over and out.


Arkham Origins

  • Even though the cutscenes depicted Harleen Quinzel with a more professional tone of voice instead of her standard Harley Quinn voice (with the only exception being when Joker manages to fully seduce her), she uses the latter tone of voice in the blackmail tapes for both Alberto Falcone and Warden Joseph.

Arkham Asylum

  • Harley's interview tapes are based on her origin story as depicted in Mad Love, an episode of The New Batman Adventures and comic by Paul Dini; all but the second and fifth tapes depict her paraphrasing lines she said during the flashback sequence of the episode.
    • Similar to in Arkham Origins tapes, Harleen Quinzel's interview tapes had her using her Harley Quinn voice, unlike in the original episode, where she had a more professional tone to her voice.
  • At one point, Batman can find Harley's sealed-off, long-abandoned office in the Asylum, adorned with posters and newspaper articles of the Joker, as well as her original costume's head piece.
  • Harley is called the Joker's Confederate in the 19th chronicle of Arkham.

Assault on Arkham

  • Harley Quinn's romance with Deadshot was based on the romance between their New 52 versions.
  • Harley Quinn's shoplifting of the toy store was similar to Catwoman's first crime act in Batman Returns.

Arkham City

  • If the player goes into the Manager's Office in the Sionis Steel Mill, they will see a pregnancy test next to her old outfit from Arkham Asylum. If they zoom in, it will show that the test is positive. Also, if the player finds this before the game ends, Harley will sing a version of "Hush Little Baby" during the credits.
  • In Harley Quinn's Revenge, it is hinted that she may not be pregnant after all, as there are dozens of the same tests scattered around the Manager's Office reading negative. Also, if you read the box inside the crib it states that there is a chance for a false positive, explaining the positive one by her old outfit.
    • In an interview, Sefton Hill, one of the founders of Rocksteady, confirmed that it was in fact a false positive, and Harley is not pregnant.
  • A baby's cradle can also be seen in the center, cradling Scarface, now painted to resemble a young Joker, implying Harley had planned for her child's arrival long before she took another test.
  • Throughout the Steel Mill, there are little statues of Harley holding a glowing balloon. If the player uses these, they can hear her speak a message meant for Joker's thugs; however, the player is meant to destroy these as part of a Riddler challenge. If any remain following Joker's death, they play a recording of Harley crying. In addition, in Harley Quinn's Revenge, there are additional messages the player can listen to.
  • If defeated by Joker's thugs, Harley's message will occasionally play instead of Joker's, and will be the only ones to play after Joker's death.
  • In Batman: Arkham City Lockdown, Harley Quinn is add-on content along with Poison Ivy. Her level takes place in the Industrial District, and involves a chase sequence where she uses a revolver to try and stop a Batarang Batman has remotely follow her while she attempts to execute a doctor she has taken hostage after her goons fail to stop Batman, followed by a boss battle against Mr. Hammer.
  • Harley has two visible tattoos. One is a picture of the Joker's face with the caption "Mr. J" on her hip and the other is of the Joker's face in a Joker card and her face in a Queen card framed with black thorns on her right upper arm.
  • Harley's design in this game can be unlocked in Injustice: Gods Among Us through cross-compatibility with the mobile app version when the player acquires a Joker character card.