Harvey Dent appears in the television series Gotham as a young assistant district attorney in Gotham City who becomes the ally of James Gordon in the first two seasons.




  • Nicholas D'Agosto appeared as a recurring guest star in the first season, before then being promoted to the regular cast for season 2. Although in season 2 he only appeared for three episodes, with Dent remaining off-screen for a majority of the season.
  • Following season 2, the character never appeared or was mentioned again for the remainder of Gotham's run.
  • Due to being absent for the show post-season 2, Dent was never developed into Two-Face. In 2019, the producers of the series commented that they were unable to come up with a storyline involving Dent turning into Two-Face, as the character succeeds Batman. They considered introducing a prototype Two-Face character, but this never happened.
    • This makes Dent one of the few characters of Gotham never to take on his comic book counterpart's villainous alter-ego.
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