The Joker has tied Batman and Robin / Dick Grayson to two electric chairs connected to a one-armed bandit - if machine spins three Liberty Bells, the Dynamic Duo are free with $50,000; if the machine spins three oranges they just get free, but it the machine spins three lemons, the Dynamic Duo will be electrocuted with 50,000 volts of electricty! However, a blackout stops the current, enabling the police to arrive in time to free the heroes before the power is restored. After listening to a secret audio-recording they made, Batman and Robin discover that Susie is a member of the Joker's Bad Pennies gang; the Boy Wonder goes undercover as Dick Grayson in an attempt to trick Susie into leading him into the villains’ hideout, but Nick sees through his ruse, and sends him off after mentioning an impending robbery at a local bar. When the Dynamic Duo arrive at the bar they come under fire from the shotgun-wielding jukebox, but disable it with the aid of a Batshield and Batbomb. Realising that Susie is in danger they immediately rush to her aid; meanwhile, the Joker instructs the girl to plant answers to important Nationwide Pre-College Exam papers inside one of the rigged machines, and then gives her some perfume - which contains a deadly poison that will kill her as soon as she sprays it on. The Caped Crusaders catch up with Suzie at Woodrow Roosevelt High and try to warn her that Joker is onto her and that her life is in danger. Suzie ignores their pleas, opens the bottle of poisoned perfume, squirts some onto herself, and immediately falls into the arms of the Dynamic Duo, unconscious. Later that night at Joker's headquarters, gang member Two-Bit informs Joker and Nick that he saw Suzie being driven away in a meat wagon, with the Boy Wonder crying inconsolably. Joker and his two minions are momentarily saddened by Suzie's demise, but Joker returns to form by giving Nick a memorial cigar in honor of the departed cheerleader, which turns out to be a trick exploding stogie. Joker then places a large bet in Las Vegas for Disco Tech to win! Their sprits lifted, the three rush out of Joker's hideout and head to the Woodrow Roosevelt gym, where their scheme will come to a climax. At the gym, the starting five for Woodrow Roosevelt's basketball team are finishing their warmups for that night's game against rival Disco Tech. The five know about Suzie's fate and are determined to beat Disco handily as a tribute to her. Walking out of the gym on their way to the locker room, the team captain notices that the out-of-order sign on the vending machine near the gym entrance is gone. One of them deposits a coin, and, instead of milk, out drops a bundle of papers. They look over the sheets and soon realize that they contain the answers to the upcoming Nationwide Pre-College Exams. At that moment, a camera flashes, and the team looks up to see Joker, Nick, and Two-Bit standing in front of the bleachers. Two-Bit has just snapped them holding the incriminating evidence. Joker and the Bad Pennies play dumb, pretending that they just happened to be on school property, which they support with their taxes. With the team disqualified a secord rate team will take their place and Disco Tech will win! The Dynamic Duo show up and turn the tables on Joker..Suize isnt dead thanks to Batman and in return tells of Joker's blackmail the Dynamic Duo switiched the real answears for fakes! The Dynamic Duo knock out the Bad Pennies; with his scheme reunied Joker tries to escape but is bonked out by Batman's baterrang. Suize is seen at Wayne Manor before going off to a Wayne Foundation home for deliquent Girls.


Batman battles False-Face!






The Joker had originally found the electric chair/one-armed bandit van at the One-Armed Bandit Novelty Company where his most recent "Ha-Hacienda," or hideout, was located. It had been made at the order of a South American dictator who was overthrown before it could be delivered to him. After it drew the attention of the Gotham City Police, it proved to be in violation of a total of seventeen distinct Gotham City ordinances.

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