Bosun Hector was a shipmate on the ship that Bruce Wayne started his travels around the world on, who tormented Bruce throughout their work on the ship.

Biography Edit

Hector first met with Bruce Wayne aboard his ship when he motioned the lost billionaire to the deck with him. At first Bruce thought he was finally making a friend, but was proven wrong when Hector started tormenting him by kicking him in the groin and at the top of his head. Later, when the ship was off-loaded and the crew was heading ashore, the bosun invited Bruce on the fantail and knocked him down with senseless kicks before the stowaway industrial heir could think of his first move. Bruce didn't like being punched, but some the beatings Hector and the other crewmates as lessons he was determined to learn. They finally went separate ways after Hector and his crew accidentally left him in Hong Kong to pick up a package that never arrived, and during his time in retirement from working on the ship, the bosun settled in a village in the Himalayas and got married to a woman with a shy demeanor. About mere hours after their wedding one afternoon, Hector and his new wife were walking in the marketplace when they bumped into Bruce, who had just departed from his training in the League of Shadows in a mountainside monastery he accidentally set on fire nearby. Bruce stayed for a while to celebrate with his crewmate, who did him everything at all in the blessed world gave him the money he needed for his trip home to Gotham City before promising that they would get together soon and putting his arm around his wife's shoulders as they stumbled toward a nearby inn.  

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