Henry Adams was a victim of the Joker's infected blood. Having had an operation unrecorded due to error, he was unable to get the treatment required to cure for it, resulting in him taking on a similar personality to the criminal. Like the other victims, Henry was captured by Batman and used to seek treatment.


The headmaster of the esteemed McCallum Academy, Henry Adams was infected whilst receiving a check up for a hip replacement. Due to the requirement of a blood transfusion, he was unknowingly infected with Titan contaminated samples provided by the Joker. The procedure was not recorded, resulting in him being missed during the initial search and treatment of the victims.

Much like the others who were untreated for long, Henry began mimicking traits of the Joker's personality. In his case, Henry became more scheming, manipulative nature and egotistical demeaner. After learning about his transfusion, Batman had Henry locked up in the Quarantine Cells in Panessa Studios. Having been able to avoid or suppress physical transformation, he pretended to be immune to the infection. This lead Batman and Robin to believe he was the key to curing the other victims, Christina Bell, Albert King and Johnny Charisma. Henry was kept within the cells for Batman to collect samples from, leading to him being deemed a "Missing Person".

At some point (likely before his capture), he approached a mourning Harley Quinn and informed her of the other Joker infected victims. Together they schemed to release them, allowing Quinn access to the cells.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Some time before Scarecrow's attacks on Gotham, Henry was seen by James Gordon whilst visiting Panessa Studios. Batman informed him of the situation, informing him about his belief that Henry was immune to Joker's infected blood.

During the Halloween Night, Henry remained within his cell, where Robin remained to work on the cure. During the night, he contacted Quinn, letting her know where he and the other Joker infected were held. Letting her into the facility, they arranged for the other Joker infected inmates to be released and guarded by her henchmen.

Contacting Batman just after the release, Henry was "knocked unconscious" by Quinn, drawing the Dark Knight to the lab to deal with them. After being saved by Batman and Robin, Henry worked with them to navigate the studio and gather the other Joker infected inmates. After they had recaptured Bell and either King or Charisma, he murdered them. When Batman and Robin returned with a captured Quinn and the last infected, Henry's infection and actions were revealed.

Forcing the Dynamic Duo to abandon them, he shot the last inmate and prepared to attack Batman. However, as Batman prepared to fight back, Henry recognized that he was also infected with Joker's blood. Realizing that Batman was to be the "perfect Joker", Henry committed suicide. His body remained at Panessa for the rest of the night.


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