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A blind news dealer is being mugged by Harry Hooligan at his newsstand until the robbery is foiled-- by the Penguin! And that's only the beginning. At police headquarters, Commissioner Gordon is informed that Penguin was also polite to a patrolman, saved a baby in a buggy from being hit by a truck, and then donated $100 thousand dollars to the Gotham City Charity Fund. Convinced that Penguin is up to something, Gordon calls Batman on the hotline.

As the duo arrive at HQ, Robin mentions that he heard a rumor that Penguin was campaigning for mayor. They enter Gordon's office only to find the rumor is true as Mayor Linseed is there to say goodbye. Three representatives from the "Gallus" Poll are sent in to show that Penguin currently holds a 60 percent lead over Linseed's 30%. Convinced that he has no chance of winning, Linseed suggests that Batman should throw his cowl into the ring and run for mayor himself, with Linseed as his running mate. Batman is not so sure he is worthy to run, but when Gordon, O'Hara and Robin all put their support behind him saying that this is the way Batman can defeat Penguin, Batman accepts.

Meanwhile, Penguin, already celebrating an assured win, is visited by the same reps from the Gallus Poll only to learn that Batman, now in the running, holds 55 percent of the vote while Penguin's percantage is down to 35%.

Now on the campaign trail, Batman decides to maintain a low profile paying more attention to the issues, though his speeches are being presented to near-empty rooms, while Penguin is fast and loose with his own campaign funds spending lavishly on gigantic "Vote for Penguin" posters and renting a large venue for a big campaign rally, giving out free champagne to everyone, and even hiring Paul Revere & the Raiders to perform while belly dancer Little Egypt gyrates through the large crowd.

Later in the Batcave, the duo are discussing Batman's agenda; Robin mentions that they got a call for Batman to address a fraternity called the "Grand Order Of Occidental Nighthawks" (Penguin's GOONs). Arriving at their "headquarters", Batman and Robin almost immediately recognize several GOONs, and after a fight, the Duo are overpowered, bound and tied, and suspended on one side of a giant balancing scale over a vat of scalding sulphuric acid; the other side of the balance scale held large chunks of rapidly melting ice. Penguin arrives and, feigning outrage and pretending to scold the GOONs, runs out supposedly to notify the police, leaving Batman and Robin to their doom...

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Guest Cast[]

  • Gallus - George Furth
  • Rooper - Woodrow Parfrey
  • Trendek - Murray Roman
  • Mayor Linseed - Byron Keith
  • Goon - Joey Tata
  • Cindy Malone - Lulu
  • Judy Parker - Penguin Girl #2
  • Linda Meyers - Penguin Girl #3
  • Little Egypt (Lorraine Shaloub) - Herself
  • Paul Revere & the Raiders - Themselves

Behind the scenes[]

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