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"It's the hockey team from hell!"

The Hockey Thugs were henchmen who worked for Mr. Freeze. They resided in the abandoned Snowy Cones Ice Cream Factory.


The Hockey Thugs used used chrome hockey sticks for weapons, the toe and heel area was a razor blade and doubled as a scythe. They outfitted themselves in hockey gear and other assorted custom armor and raggedy thermal material. It seems likely that they may be a disgraced hockey team, with Frosty being their former coach and Ms. B. Haven, a loyal cheerleader.

Museum attack[]


The dynamic du fight the hockey thugs.

This gang was first encountered by Batman and Robin at a museum where they stealing a large diamond. They battled the caped crusaders on the frozen floor using ice skates. The caped crusaders revealed skates of their own on their hi-tech costumes and procured a pair their chrome hockey stick weapons.

Snowy Cones Ice Cream Factory[]

Frosty was killed by Freeze, after presenting with a newspaper article he would likely be interested in. Unfortunately for Frosty, he interrupted his private time with his comatose wife, Nora. Frosty was frozen solid and left to die in the lab, but before walking off Freeze noticed the diamond in the newspaper he was holding.

Two other Hockey Thugs were killed during a car chase with the Batmobile and Redbird. Among the the thugs remaining, some of them may have been arrested after being knocked unconscious the battles. Also when Batman and Robin infiltrated Freeze's lab with the police but several were able to escape capture. The gang was forced to abandon the hideout.

Guarding Gotham Observatory[]

The last of the Hockey Goons made their final stand, laughing and preparing the Freezemobile. Later, on a frozen street in downton Gotham, one of them operated the Freezemobile but Batman reflected their blast back at them with the Bathammer's shield. The thug failed to stop Batman and his team but succeeded to escape capture. After Freeze's defeat, The thugs left Gotham.

Known Members[]