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"Crossbow At The Crossroads, Part Two"[]

Late at night, the Huntress breaks into the local police station, meeting little resistance, given that Naples seems to be empty at night. Over sfogliatelle and coffee, she hacks into the police computer records to see what the upshot of her recent altercation with human traffickers was. She finds that they were killed before the police found them, which rules out being able to trace their employer through a common lawyer. Fortunately, it appears that the same undertaker bagged all of the bodies. Her investigation is interrupted when a police officer catches her, and the Huntress leaps out a window.

The next morning, Mr. Moretti receives a call from the Magreb. He assures his contact there that the next shipment will go well, and promises that if the leather-clad vigilante who thwarted them last time shows herself again, she will be killed.

That night, Huntress corners the undertaker in the morgue. After threatening to impale some of his favourite body parts, she manages to extract the name "Moretti" from him.

The next day, Helena meets with Christina and Alessandro from the newspaper to talk about Moretti. He is well known for his sex-trafficking and gun running, but no one dares to stop him. Everything in Italy is connected, so Helena proposes that they break the connections before the refugees from Arab revolutions in the Magreb get caught up in them. Alessandro comments that it is not so simple, adding that he suspects her of being involved with a leather-clad vigilante's activities. Helena doesn't deny it.

At night, Huntress watches one of Moretti's tankers arrive from the Magreb. She uses thermal imaging to determine that there is a source of warmth in one of the holding tanks below water level. He must be keeping the girls he traffics there. She watches, as the girls are dragged from the holds out into the open, then she strikes. After subduing the guards, she ushers the rescued girls onto a school bus. She attaches some dynamite to the side of the tanker, and drives the bus away as it explodes, depriving Moretti of any profits from this shipment.

Later, Helena stakes out Moretti's place and watches him leave his villa. She suspects that wherever he's going, it must be for an important reason, as investigating his own shipment's destruction is likely beneath him. She tails him on her motorcycle, following him to a private yacht. She realizes that he is attempting to escape the police by entering international waters. Unfortunately for him, she is not the police. She fires a GPS-enabled arrow that attaches to the boat, and promises that the hunt isn't over yet.


"Crossbow At The Crossroads, Part Two"[]



  • Italy
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