Batman created specialized armor plating and coating for his Sonar Batsuit, designed to nullify Freeze Gun blasts. It also had a new Utility Belt and gadgets prepared for that mission.


After meeting Batgirl at the Turkish Bath House, Batman and Robin return to the Batcave to put ice armor on their costumes before batting Mr. Freeze. The silver plating seems to be the same ice reflecting material the Bathammer hull is made from.





Grapple Gun


Gauntlet-mounted twin grapple

  • Bat-heaters
  • Grapple Gun
  • Wrist mounted grapple launchers
  • Knuckle grapple launcher
  • Laser gun

Behind the ScenesEdit

Jose Fernandez designed and sculpted this batsuit under direction from Bob Ringwood and Joel Schumacher. The Sonar costume was reused to create this costume.


Ice armor deleted scene

Rodolfo Damaggio's comic adaptation features a scene showing Batman's Ice Armor nullifying the effect of Freeze's rifle.

  • This costume was dubbed the "Sonar Ice" during production to distinguish it from the regular costume.
  • A deleted scene showed Freeze to trying to shoot the Ice Armor costume to no avail.


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