J. Pauline Spaghetti was a character in the Batman 1960s series.


Not much is known about her except that she had four husbands all of which had the same surname "Spaghetti" and died in noodle-related incidents. She became the heiress of the spaghetti making industry, even owning an island named after herself for spaghetti manufacturing. She also seemed to suffer from insomnia, having not slept for seven years since she made her first billion dollars, except for once when she slept during a rock and roll concert.


Her insomnia and vast fortune caught the attention of a villain called The Sandman who came to her penthouse as a doctor to cure her of her imsomnia. She was unaware that he had teamed up with villainess Catwoman (whom he later betrayed) and plotted to steal her vast fortune. Sandman sprayed her with sleeping powder while he took photographs of Mrs. Spaghetti's financial ledger.

Crimefighters Batman and Robin come to stop his schemes of robbing her, but Mrs. Spaghetti assures them that she is in no danger, so they leave.

Later Sandman propses to Mrs. Spaghetti and she accepts. They then go the Gotham National Bank and she withdraws $200, 000, 000 from her account and she and Sandman elope to her island.

While she is showing him around the abandoned noodle factory, the Dynamic Duo find them and after telling her Sandman's true intentions, subdue the sleep expert and his henchmen. During the fight, Mrs. Spaghetti falls sound asleep standing up. It is assumed she was returned back to her penthouse.

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