"Don't tell me you've demolished another one?"
―Jack Edison[src]

Jack Edison is a stunt driver and mechanical engineer that owes Batman a life debt. Edison is brilliant enough in automotive engineering that Batman comes to him to design and build his Batmobiles.

Edison, along with The Trickster James Jesse and some other Hollywood friends of stuntman Dan Patrick Cassidy (Blue Devil), built a Devilmobile in one drunken night. Edison hinted that he could personally attest that it was as full of gimmicks as the Batmobile, but did not give away that he works for Batman.

Background Information and Notes

Edison is the first character of his kind, in which Batman must reach out to outside help to build vehicles or gadgets. Harold Allnut later performed similar functions but actually lived in the Batcave. Edison seems to be the inspiration for the Earl Cooper character in Batman: The Animated Series. After the movie Batman Begins changed the Lucius Fox character from a mere businessman to genius level engineer, he seems to fill this role in all media due to his brand recognition value.

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