Police Interim Commissioner Jack Forbes was a corrupt police officer who was given the role of Commissioner when Carmine Falcone returned.


Lieutenant Jack Forbes worked for Internal Affairs in the Gotham City Police Department. At some point he got a promotion to Major and had to arrest James Gordon after an incident in Gotham subway killed hundreds. Following Gordon's arrest, Forbes met with Mayor Hady and Carmine Falcone who tested him to see if he could be corrupted. Forbes missed the days when the police were treated like kings and costumed criminals were gunned down so he agreed to work for Falcone. As Maggie Sawyer prepared to lead a team to stop Falcone's men hitting The Penguin's weapon caches, Forbes ordered them to stop, followed closely by Mayor Hady who told them that Forbes was the new Commissioner in Gordon's absence. Forbes then told the rest of the department that their biggest problem that needed to be addressed was Batman.

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