James "Jimmy" Gordon Junior. was a young boy when Two-Face kidnapped his mother, older sister, and himself.


During The Joker's reign of terror over Gotham, Jimmy's mother was being called by trusted Officer Anna Ramirez, who told them to go to the place where Rachel Dawes was killed. This was actually Two-Face using Ramirez to get revenge on Jimmy's father, for he thought he was partially responsible for Dawes' death. They are held captive while Gordon approaches. He is unarmed by Two-Face himself, and is thrown to the ground. Gordon tries to convince Two-Face to free his family, but to no avail. Two-Face initially intend to make a judgement on Barbara at first, but later decides on making a judgement on Jimmy, believing that killing Gordon's son would be more painful than killing Gordon's wife. Unwilling to let his son suffer the fate, Gordon finally gives in his apologies, begging Two-Face not to hurt the boy. Batman arrives and tries to reason with Two-Face. The villain is told by Batman that only the three of them are responsible for Dawes' death (since they pushed the mob into turning to the Joker for assistance that led to the event), and so they should be the ones to be judged. Two-Face agrees to these terms, and flips his coin. It lands on the scarred side, so he shoots Batman. He judges himself, but it lands on the unscathed side, sparing himself. He then flips the coin to decide Jimmy's fate, but Batman tackles him before he could catch the coin in his hand. Jimmy is concerned about Batman, but Gordon, who appears below, assures him that he is alive. However, Two-Face's fall was fatal. Jimmy oversees the conversation and then watches Batman as he dashes away. As he leaves, Jimmy asks his father why Batman was running away. Gordon says because they will hunt him. Jimmy wonders why, because Batman truly did nothing wrong, but Gordon states that he is the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

After these events, Jimmy went with his mom and sister to Cleveland due to the trauma with Harvey Dent.

Behind the scenes

  • In Batman Begins, Barbara is shown feeding a 2 year old Jimmy Gordon according to David Goyer's drafts, the final shooting script and credits. In The Dark Knight, Jimmy is about ten years old, even though about nine months have passed. This is a continuity error.


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