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James Gordon is the commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department. He was an ally and friend to Batman and Robin. Gordon is also the father of Barbara Gordon/Batgirl.


LEGO Batman: The Videogame

After a mass breakout from Arkham Asylum, Gordon activates the Bat-Signal to summon Batman and Robin to capture the escapees.

In the events of Riddler's Revenge, Gordon helps Batman and Robin chase Riddler and Two-Face through the city. When the former escaped with Poison Ivy's help, he set up watch over the Gotham Botanical Gardens. He later caught them attempt to sneak in and ordered officers to defend the building.

In the events of Power Crazed Penguin, Gordon and his officers confronted Bane and the Penguin at the docks, having heard they were stealing a satellite dish from there. After Penguin escaped with the satellite, Bane attacked them, but accidently knocked himself out. Gordon and his officers towed him to back to Arkham Asylum. Gordon was later attacked by a Penguin Minion in his office, but it was deactivated after the satellite was destroyed by Batman and Robin.

In the events of Joker's Return, Gordon was lured to an abandoned carnival by Harley Quinn and the Joker. There, he was captured by the duo to distract Batman and Robin from their main goal. Gordon was later rescued by the dynamic duo and took Quinn into custody after her defeat. They later used her as bait for Joker and Killer Moth, but the criminals were able to overpower them and rescue her. Calling Batman for help, Gordon later mobilized the GCPD to Gotham Cathedral and captured the criminals after their defeat.

Gordon can be unlocked as a playable character after completing "A Surprise for the Commissioner". He also serves as a boss for the level.

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

After a riot at Arkham Asylum, Gordon and the GCPD help Batman and Robin round up the escapees. Though able to gather most of the inmates, they are unable to capture one: the Joker. Gordon later observes Batman's analysis of the cell wall's pieces, which have been ripped apart with a LexCorp device. After Batman and the Justice League defeat Joker and Lex Luthor, Gordon arrests both of them and thanks the heroes for their help.

Gordon can be found in the open-world Gotham at the GCPD Headquarters. There, he can be bought as a playable character.

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Gordon does not feature in either the main story, side quests or an unlockable character. However, the Nolanverse version is featured as part of the "Dark Knight Trilogy" DLC pack.

LEGO Dimensions

LEGO DC Super-Villains



  • Pistol
  • Walkie-Talkie
  • Megaphone (DC Super-Villains only)