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Jarvis Pennyworth is the father of Alfred Pennyworth and was butler to the Wayne family.



One Jarvis Beagle was the father of Alfred Beagle (an early version of Alfred) and served the Waynes. It was his dying wish for his son to take his place in the Wayne estate.

New 52

Jarvis Pennyworth was a British man who moved to America where he was butler to Thomas and Martha Wayne for many years. Jarvis assisted the couple in raising a young Bruce Wayne while his own son Alfred was slated to take his place as Wayne butler in the case of his retirement or death. When Martha Wayne became pregnant with their second son Thomas Wayne, Jr., the Waynes and Jarvis planned on leaving Gotham City.

Jarvis was later contacted by an operative for the secret-society The Court of Owls who attempted to have Jarvis assist them in assassinating the couple's unborn child. When Jarvis refused and demanded the caller's identity, he became a target of the Court himself. While on a car-drive, the Wayne family's car was involved in a crash which injured Martha and reportedly killed the unborn Thomas, Jr..

Jarvis planned to flee Gotham and composed a letter to Alfred, insisting that he not become the Wayne butler in the event of his absence in fear for his own's safety. Before the letter could be sent, Jarvis was attacked by a Talon for the Court who killed Jarvis and destroyed the letter in a fire.

In other media

  • Pennyworth: In this show, Alfred's father is Arthur Pennyworth.